My imaginary party

August 4, 2010

I'm Khali from little. lovely. and am so thrilled to be guest posting on Domestic Reflections.

As I started thinking about the topic of my post for Jora, I couldn't help but wish we were all meeting in person. (Any friend of Jora's would surely be a friend of mine.) So humour me for a moment while I imagine we are.

Instead of holidaying in Italy, Jora invites you all to visit with me in Australia. You graciously accept and I throw a huge party to celebrate.

I hire this house so you can enjoy your stay overlooking the ocean.

We spend our days at the beach.

Our children enjoy the sand and surf dressed in adorable outfits from Flora & Henri.

Cockatoos and kookaburras occasionally drop in to say hello.

I invite the incredibly talented Katie Quinn Davies and she graciously cooks wonderful feasts for us all to share.

We stay up talking late into the night (while our children sleep soundly) and when you leave to return home, agree to stay friends despite the distance between us.

And we do.

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  1. You had me at hello.

    What a fun day that would be!

    I just visited your blog. I love all of the party ideas. Thankfully, our birthdays for the year have just ended with my daughter's party last month:).

  2. Well this sounds lovely. When will it be happening? Just say when. ;)

  3. Thanks Torrie and Kalanicut.

    We'd have to wait for our summer to make sure everyone really has a great time :)

  4. Oh oh oh oh! I wanna be there too!! Can I?

  5. Your brand of Australian hospitality is certainly inviting. Sounds like a lovely way to spend time.


  6. Hey thanks for sharing this great post with us.


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