Poolside Fantasy.

August 13, 2010

poolside 1
Hello! This is Alice from Alice Q. Foodie again, filling in for Jora while she and the family are traveling in Italy. Isn't that a beautiful pool up there? Yes, it's Jora's.

Lately I've been fantasizing about hanging out by that pool in some lounge wear from Lemlem. Have you heard about this company? It was started by supermodel Liya Kebede, who wanted to preserve the artisan weaving of her native culture in Ethiopia. She discovered that traditional weavers in her native country were losing their jobs due to a decline in local demand for their goods and decided to start the company in an effort to create a demand.

It seems to have worked. Today, Lemlem, which means to flourish or bloom in Amharic, is thriving. The goods are sold both on the company's own website, and here on J. Crew's In Good Company section, (which is awesome, by the way - if you have not checked it out!)
lemlem dress
Not only is the story behind them incredible, but the goods are absolutely beautiful. They sell out quickly too, so don't hesitate if you see something you like.
lemlem dress 3
This dress and the top below are available from J. Crew.
lemlem tunic
The dress up top and this tunic for a little one are available on the Lemlem website. This top just slays me. I can imagine how soft that fabric must feel.
lemlem kids hoodie
In a perfect world, on a hot day - after a dip in the pool, I'd slip one of the dresses pictured above - and sip a watermelon agua fresca!
watermelon agua fresca
Watermelon Agua Fresca

flesh of 1/2 large (or whole small) chilled watermelon, cubed
1/4 -1/2 cup water (just enough to get it to blend)
2 Tablespoons light agave nectar
2 Tablespoons superfine sugar
juice of one lemon or two limes
fresh mint leaves

Puree the watermelon and water in a blender until smooth (I use a handblender in a pitcher.) Strain through a fine mesh sieve. Add agave nectar, sugar and lemon juice to taste.

Serve over ice, garnished with fresh mint leaves.

Ahhh... doesn't that sound good?

photos from J Crew, Lemlem and Eating Out Loud


  1. love jora's pool, the idea behind lemlem, their stuff, AND that drink... can i join you poolside?

  2. this drink looks so refreshing. i can't wait to make it. wish i could join you alice!

  3. Okay - running out to buy watermelon asap - delish!! and love lemlem too - Happy Weekend!

  4. You're bringing that drink on Sunday right? And some samples for us try on? Gorgeous post, Alice.

  5. oooh, I'll bring the rose water and throw in just a splash! We can reenact that old Nestea plunge commercial where we dive in backwards to the pool! refreshing.

  6. I have never heard of this company. I love the clothes, and the story of origin.

    Jora's pool is stunningly beautiful... as is that drink:).


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