Some lovelies for the kiddos.

August 10, 2010

Hello, hello... It's Bridget again.

Jora has such great taste and such cute kids. If you've been here before, you know this. So why not a post on some things that I think are lovely and that I think Jora would approve of. Kid related too.

This mobile. It is a DIY and requires sewing (which always scares me a bit) but for this beauty, I might break out the Bernina.

Wouldn't your child just be the envy of his or her craft hour with this adorable bunting crayon roll? Me thinks so.

This has seriously made the rounds in the blogosphere so chances are you've seen it. Either way, it deserves a 100th shout-out because it's so darn cute. I want a gigantic one in a nursery some day. I am talking fill-the-wall-humongous.

This indoor fort for kids has modern and simple design written all over it. I'd like one too.

That's all for now. What fabulous kid things do you have to share?


  1. the fort is sweeeeet. i want one. definitely beats blankets draped over chairs and tables;)

  2. Hey Bridget-

    Nice to see ya here!

    Kid things? Hate to say it, but with summer closely ending and kids going back to school on Aug. 24th(!!), I've got back-to-school on the mind.

    A cute lunchbox...

    Cute lunch notes (and SUCH a limited time span that kids enjoy this kind of stuff- w/out being embarrassed!)...

  3. this post just made me melt. so much gorgeous eye candy.

  4. That fort is killer. I definitely like the idea of that for adults as well. A modern nook.


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