Signing Off.

July 29, 2010

{from yesterday: little e watching her naked sister and cowboy brother play}

The house is tidied.
The refrigerator has been emptied.
The housesitter has been prepped.
We've said good-bye to friends and family.
Snacks have been tucked into the carry-on bag.
Tons and tons of toys and treats have been hidden away in there too.
Our bags are packed.
Passports in a neat little stack.

I will miss you all terribly. Don't know yet if I will be blogging live from Italy, as we want to get as "unplugged" as possible. I do, however, have some fun guest bloggers to entertain you while I am away...a couple of old favorites and a few new fun ones too.



  1. Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay in Europe!


  2. Unplug...
    travel safely...
    eat LOTS of good food...
    drink LOTS of good wine...
    & have a very happy journey.

    Can't wait to see pictures & an amazing 'Italy blog post' when you return (no pressure or anything:)!

  3. Sounds perfectly planned. Sit back and enjoy now.

  4. Have a great trip! Will miss you.


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