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July 29, 2010

There is something about preparing for a trip that puts me in shopping/acquiring mode (much to my husband's dismay, I might add). We need to be prepared! Everything needs to be just right! Won't JuJu look so flipping cute wearing this while eating gelato! Something tells me you might be able to relate.


I was at American Apparel the other day, and after I put my sunglasses back on (all that blinding hideous neon!) I realized the place isn't for me anymore. Something about how they sold to some big horrible corporation like BP and now it got all weird. Like weirder than before. Like scrunchies and stretch lace and gold lamé. The saving grace, however, continues to be the kiddie section. What is it about finding basic, cotton essentials for kids that are not riddled with licensed characters that continues to be so difficult? Luckily the American Apparel designers (at least the ones in charge of the kid department) know what is up.

Hello, basic (organic!) cotton diaper cover. Where have you been hiding all these years?And you sweet, sweet little cotton tank dress:A perfect little red backpack for JuJu to carry to carry on the plane filled with, you know, a 2 year old's "essentials":I don't know about your mom, but mine put us in white cotton nighties (slip-style ones) on hot nights. However, they simply don't exist anymore....except in the form of this little soft dress. JuJu will wear this on hot nights in Italy:

Letter T's:

And, of course, the ribbed tanks. All three of my kids live in these during the summer:


  1. someone just told me to try shopping there, but you've discouraged me. doesn't sound like my kind of store.

    cute finds for kiddos!

  2. so with you - i cannot stand the insane grown up clothes there these days. too crazy.

  3. I've never shopped there, but have always wondered if I should look around. But I'm usually in a hurry and pass right by. Now I know- thanks!!

    BUT..............I must go THIS weekend- for the kids section! I'm in LOVE with those clothes that you posted!!

  4. The H&M by me recently got a children's section. It is WONDERFUL! Some great classy/classic selections. Heck, just look at the kids on the H&M home page, I just want to gobble them up (and then steal their clothes)!

    I'll definitely agree on the American Apparel adult stuff. The only thing I find worthwhile are their sweatshirts.

  5. I was browsing the AA website last night acutally and thought the same as you - bad choice in clothes for women these days. But the kiddies are so cute. Love those letter Ts and they had a very cute striped top too. Great to see they also do shipping for Europe. I know what you mean about being prepared for a vacation. I'm out shopping for all those necessities right now too.

  6. ooh the diaper cover. twill be mine.

  7. great finds for the kiddos. those items are darling. and much agreed on your sentiments for the women's selection.

    have a happy happy vacation!

  8. you make me so happy to hear that i'm a compulsive hoarder and since i saved all my neon, lace and black plastic bracelets - i'm in fashion at the moment.

  9. love that cotton tank dress! have a blast in italy!


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