This Weekend....

July 27, 2010

...we had our dear friend Chris and his kids come stay with us. Which meant I discovered what it was like to have five children. Maybe I had a wee bit too much sangria over the past few days, but I have to say I kinda liked it and now I see how all you big families out there do it. Raise super awesome, nice, helpful, fun, all around cool kids like Sydney and Joseph and ta-da! Mama has two helpers, and the little ones are in luuuuuuuv with the big ones.
{see? there they are. all five of them. one-two-three-four-five, yup.}
{i had the kids making their own dinner: pizza...check out c-man's tongue action!}{although c-man looks afraid of joseph in this photo, that is really his "i want to be just like joseph when i grow up and joseph can do no wrong and when is joseph coming back, mama?" look} {don't even get me started with how much i adore this sweet girl here...if my daughters turn out half as sweet and helpful as sydney is, i will consider it the ultimate parental accomplishment.}
{yeah, she pretty much didn't put the baby down. and little e didn't mind it much...can you tell?}
{happy, chubby baby....that is all}


  1. looks like such a memorable time! a nice visit with a big family is always a fun time.

  2. I love how the little ones are so smitten with the big ones. Most of our friends have younger children so our get-togethers remind us of how cool our 12 year old son REALLY is... in the eyes of his little admirers. I'd think he'd get bored, but he loves it- and kinda gets a kick out of the young personalities, games, attention, etc.! Sounds like it was the same for your 2 helpers:).

  3. so sweet!!!! isn't it funny how things actually seem easier when friends come over with kids? they are all entertained and the grown-ups can kind of relax!

  4. Sounds like a dreamy weekend to me!

  5. let me just clarify....chris has 2 kids and we have 3, making 5 total. which meant i was mom to 5 kids for 4 days!

  6. A couple of years ago, my good friend Tonya came to visit with her 4 children. Her eldest (also named Sidney!) was so incredibly helpful. I watched in awe as she read to all the children, practically putting them to sleep for us. After that, I decided all moms should have an 8 year old girl around at all times. :)

    PS. Great pics!

  7. Your happy, chubby baby is PRECIOUS!


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