Summer List.

July 11, 2010

{Taking a cue from Molly....}

Things I hope for this summer:

Beach days
Outdoor concerts
Nap outside
Eat cold soup
Swim at night with B
Eat tomatoes straight off the vine
Put basil in everything
Have fruit for dinner
Take a walk at night
Drink sun tea
Sleep in our new camper
Get a tan
Paint my toes the perfect pink
Eat lunch on the deck
Pool parties
Take the kids to the library
Paint with the kids outside

What about you?

photo via flickr and loveliest days


  1. What a fun list. I might make one.

  2. Sounds a good fun list. I need to get the outdoor paining going - so much easier than covering everything and everyone when we do it inside!

  3. Sounds a good fun list. I need to get the outdoor paining going - so much easier than covering everything and everyone when we do it inside!

  4. I love these lists. Mine looks similar, minus the kids. Maybe I'll paint outside anyway!

  5. mine is simple. breathe and enjoy every moment with the kids.

  6. gorillabuns: yes. that is what i meant to say. :-)

  7. Love your list! Quick question: what kind of camper did you get? We are in the market for one and can't decide.

  8. what a great list. a lot of your to-do's are on mine too.
    i want to make ice cream with fresh fruit and old fashions with peaches instead of oranges.

  9. lillet cocktails, get a sitter for the baby and take maia to the beach (beach not so fun with everything in the mouth crawling baby), ditto and take maia to her first movie, get to a pool, yoga, tan, read a book, finally see a movie at the outdoor theatre in mission hills

  10. Lots of family things, but one item I have yet to check off is to get to the liquor store so that I can buy the necessary ingredient to make that boozy strawberry milkshake. Perhaps all of the family things are preventing me from heading to the liquor store though?


  11. I just remembered two more things I'd like to do this summer.

    Find some billy buttons.
    Have someone with a great camera and fancy lenses take outdoor pictures of our family.



  12. Love the list! Great inspiration--curious about your trailer. We have a couple of kids and, if you are willing to divulge, would love to know what you ended up with...and how it's working out?

  13. karen/devon: we just bought a eurovan westfalia. we haven't used it for a real camping trip yet, but i'll let you know how it goes!

  14. I love your list Jora!!! Makes me smile!

  15. n.b. the perfect pink: OPI Bubble Bath. Love it.

    Thanks for allowing me a vicarious taste of summer over here in Oz.

  16. Nice list. I want to: attend a summer potluck at La Milpa; snorkel La Jolla Shores with the nurse sharks; bake with Remy (my 2yr old boy); read gobs of books; create a file of landscaping ideas; can tomatoes for the first time ever; plan a winter vegetable garden.


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