Deep Thoughts.

September 30, 2009

(C-man meeting his baby sister JuJu for the first time)

I'm at the point in my pregnancy when one starts thinking this is never going to happen. The baby coming out part. It feels like I will always, always be pregnant. Not that I dislike it -- in fact, I'm one of those women who actually rather enjoys it. It's sort of like being perpetually engaged. It's exciting, strangers give you lots of smiles, you sort of feel part of a secret club.

But. At this point, you begin to wonder how, when and if things will ever change. How will this baby actually come out? (Please, I do know how it happens, it just seems so strange that one minute your baby is happily living inside you and the next, all the forces of the universe are driving it out...)

More deep thoughts (feel free to click away): How does the baby know when it's time? How does labor decide how to begin? (Both of my other labors started with my water breaking.) What is labor like for the baby? Scary? Tiring? Exciting? Or is that just how it feels for the mom? Will I be able to handle another natural childbirth? Right now it sounds so exhausting. But reading Heather's (also part 1 and 2) and Leigh's recent birth stories (both drug-free) have been very inspiring.

In other news, my dear friend Elise arrived last night for a week. (Hooray!) We are crossing our fingers the baby comes while she is here. :)


  1. I also marvel at this whole thing... from beginning to end. how the body knows, how the baby knows... the amazing rush of the whole experience, how nature just kind of takes over.

    Also, how the sort of abstraction of "the baby inside" turns, all of the sudden, into a specific, cherished little person. Just magic.

    I, too, really enjoyed pregnancy. (And the birthing. Ha!)

    Best wishes for a beautiful day, whenever it comes :)

  2. I too felt absolutely in awe of the whole process when I was pregnant with my 2 boys. I loved the whole experience of the pregnancy and while my 2 births weren't the drug free experience I had hoped for, I still felt like I was the most magical person on earth the moment I saw what I (with hubby's help!!) had created. Absolutely a wonderous experience.
    Have a wonderful day Jora.


  3. Thanks for sharing the links. Wishing you a wonderful transition & new birth! Can't wait to read about it!

  4. I am so excited for you! I know, it is such an amazing process and we are so, so lucky we get to experience it!

  5. Oh I remember that moment... the moment when it feels like being pregnant is just your permanent state of being. i remember once standing in front of the mirror naked at about 9 months and just crying. i liked being pregnant but i just could not imagine how i got so big, how i could ever possibly give birth, make that transformation. what life would be like with the new baby, and what my body would be like without the pregnancy. it didn't help that i couldn't see my feet! to tell the truth in a weird way i'm even a little green of the magic moment you're in the middle of!!! such a special moment being pregnant, appreciating your life and ever day with a heightened awareness... and prepping to meet this new person who will join the illustrious ranks of the most important and loved persons in your life! wow, what fun! kisses form rome

  6. Hi, I too loved being pregnant and wish I could do it one more time, but at my age and with three kids...We are finished.
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  7. So glad I read you today. I am being induced tomorrow at noon- if the babe doesn't come tonight. Great to read the birth stories. Cheers to you and your upcoming delivery!


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