C-Man's First Day of School.

September 11, 2009

So, our little man started kindergarten yesterday. (Mind you, it's "Waldorf Kindergarten" so the kids sometimes start at 4 and then go for 2 years.) But anyway, it's kindergarten, which is a big deal to him. And to put it in his words, "I LOVE kindergarten!!!!" (It's hard to get photos of the boy these days. He has decided he doesn't like getting them taken, and when I can convince him to actually let me get a couple, he's has to be goofy guy.)
See what I mean? (Isn't this soooooo B, by the way, for those of you who know him in real life?)

C-Man wanted sissy to get in a photo with him, and she obliged nicely. (By the way, the baby doll and bag go EVERYWHERE with us these days.)


  1. I hope he had a super first day! We loved our time at Waldorf parent/toddler last year. Unfortunately the distance is too far to continue on a daily basis for the full Waldorf program. I'm sure you and C-Man will love it!

  2. how cute! what a great milestone :)

  3. so cute! And yes, I agree - he has a lot of the B in him!

  4. Hi, I found your blog through Leigh's 'marvelous kiddo' blog.

    Your kids are adorable! My 2yo daughter's nickname is Juju, too :)

    I hope you have an easy few weeks left of this pregnancy and a beautiful birth, as well!

  5. Waldorf sounds so awesome. I wish we had one here! They are both looking so grown up.


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