what i'd take to italy with me... if i were going... but i'm not.

July 1, 2011

hello, hello.  i'm bridget from tales of me and the husband here posting while jora and her lovely family go zipping around france, switzerland, and beyond.  am i a wee bit jealous?  yes.  

nevertheless, summer has arrived here in boston where i live and after a cold and snowy winter, we new englanders welcome summer big time.  there's precious little of it, so we've got to make the most of what mother nature gives us and head to the beach, pool, and bbq's as often as we can.  hear hear! 

last summer, right about this time, my husband and i were jet-setting off to italy for the trip of a lifetime, much like jora and her hubs, but sans kids... so, i guess a little different.  and when i say the trip of a lifetime, i mean it.  it was perfect.  we look at pictures and cry a little.  here are some.

  this summer, we're sort of stuck here in the u. s. of a.  bummer.  why, you ask?  well, here's a little before and after to give you a good idea.
it couldn't be replicated perfectly as that string bikini top, size small, was downright scandalous as it struggled to contain my ta-tas, size large (my husband and i had a hearty laugh before i switched tops for the picture).

and, i don't have the glorious capri as my background... but a wall... in my house... while the rain falls outside.  but, here you have it.  in case you hadn't yet caught the difference between the before and after, i'm with child!  knocked up!  expecting!  pregnant!  so trips to italy in your last month of pregnancy are out of the question.  however, jora and her hubs' ability to set off for a european holiday with kids in tow make me hopeful that i haven't seen my last of italy and beyond.

now, if i were going to italy, here are a few things i might want to take with me.
+ a bright beach towel, some beach reading, and an ice cold crodino +

not to mention, a lot of pesto, bread, tomatoes, wine, pizza, pasta, and gelato.
all the things jora is probably snacking on right now!


  1. Cute post! I am hoping to go on a "trip of a lifetime" to Italy soon and I cannot wait!

  2. yay Bridget! You are such a cute pregnant lady.

  3. oh gosh bridge makes me die laughing. it still makes me sick the only thing that grew on you was your belly and boobs. you didnt even get pregnancy face. how unfortunate for you.

  4. that floppy hat. i want it. and i'm agreeing with megs. damn you for not getting pregnancy face.

  5. i agree with megan and ahn. she may as well be wearing a fake tummy for a movie.

  6. you girls. you make me feel good. but then i look at that picture and i feel like it looks like a giant growth as opposed to a belly... and then i feel less good. hahaha.

  7. Yay for another bikini baring preggo! Your trip looks like it was fantastic.

  8. haha i love the before and after pic. so adorable!!

  9. Great guest post! I too like the before and after pics!


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