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July 8, 2011

Hi folks, I'm Casey, I write a design and lifestyle blog over at K.I.D. Collective.  Jora and my husband are cousins, so I've had the opportunity to hang with this lovely lady in person and like most of you, claimed Jora and her sweet family as part of my own. She is also one of the responsible parties for inspiring me to start my own blog a couple of years ago. Thanks for that Miss Jora!

I don't know about you, but for me, this is the Summer of the baby shower. I love finding a perfect gift for a friend, but when it comes to babies, I'm a little lost. A few months ago, I came across these amazing patterns to make baby shoes and I decided to make my prego friends a pair of handmade mocs for their wee little one.

As much as I know Jora loves France and Italy, she has a bit of hippie in her too. We've chatted about taking a trip to Marfa and sleeping in a teepee at El Cosmico. We both have a bohemian side that doesn't always show but it's there, somewhere. When Jora asked me to put together a post while she is away, I decided these summer shoes for your kidlets might be the perfect project to share.

Things you'll need. 
  1.  A small hide (or remnant) of super soft and buttery leather. The weight is a 3-4 ounce.
  2. A pattern from Sewing with Me. It's only $4.50 and there are tons of styles. If mocs make you cringe, try the little Mary Janes!
  3. Scissors.
  4. A hole punch with that is the diameter of your needle (super small). You can pick this up at a craft store like Michaels or Jo-Ann's.
  5. Heavy duty thread for top stitching
  6. Heavy duty needle for top-stitching through the leather.
  7. Sewing machine with a needle for leather.  You can hand sew this. I would ONLY hand sew this if I have a sharp needle that will punch through the leather. Using a hole punch to hand sew would be painful and time consuming.
  8. About 2.5-3 hours. I did the top stitching while watching a movie last night.

In all, these little mocs took me under 3 hours. I had a hard time with my needle not being sharp enough, luckily, I had the hold punch that worked out perfectly. So if your needle is sharp enough, you won't need the hole punch for top stitching.


I adapted the pattern to add some fringe. Gotta have that fringe. My next pair I'm planning to adapt a little more too, to be more like the mocs I wear, more often that I would like to admit. These shoes are com-fy! And that's that. Have a great weekend!


  1. Casey this is great! I wish I had some little feet to put some on - or maybe I just need some in my size! Are you going to start selling them on etsy now? :)

  2. oh my! I am so making these. Thanks Casey!

  3. I am all over these mocs. How creative, what a thoughtful gift. Handmade is the best, (especially when it's uber-adorable handmade)!

  4. @Alice, not sure I'll be starting up an etsy shop anytime soon!

    Thanks Kristina and Mel. They are super easy. I'm definitely making a few more pairs for friends.

  5. How cute are these!?! Mocs are great in any size!

  6. Thanks for the excellent contribution to the discussion.

  7. I saw these on Instagram but had no idea you made them. WOW!

  8. Kim, yes, do you need a pair?!

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  10. wow. at first glance, i just thought how adorable they are, and then my jaw dropped when i realized it was a DIY. genius. definitely bookmarking the mary janes pattern.

  11. SOOO Sweet!
    Just pinned this to "presents".

  12. For leather hand sewing, be sure to get a curved triangular point "Corpse Needle." It'll save your wrists from carpal tunnel. As my sewing instructor said, "Just don't stick yourself with it because it will go straight through you. After all, you're a living corpse." He had a great sense of humor.

  13. How perfect. It's definitely that phase in my life where all my friends are popping out babies! This will be such a nice, handmade gift.


  14. I can't wait to make these for my grand kids. I might even try to make some for myself


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