Escaping the Heat

July 7, 2011

Hello there! It's Heidi from Las Ramblings, formerly known as Snook 'n' Bubs. Nothing like a guest-post invitation from Jora to get you to finally give your blog a total makeover. I did not, unfortunately, get an invitation to go to Europe despite considerable effort.  My least proud moment came I think when I lobbied for Little E's ticket. It went something like, "Come on, Jora! The baby doesn't know a crepe from a cannoli!" 

All kidding aside, it is a great honor to be here.  Like many of the other guest-bloggers, DR is the first blog I ever read, and it inspired to me to start my own blog.  DR also turned what was formerly a multi-faceted acquaintance (long story) into a friendship I absolutely treasure.
So on to the topic at hand: favorite summertime memory.  This brings me back to my childhood in Escondido, an inland valley of San Diego County.  That's Escondido above, where temperatures in July and August are consistently in the '90s, and can often creep into the three-digits.  Our house was not air-conditioned so the order of the day back then was to escape from the heat as best we could.  Here are my three favorite ways in which we did just that:
We took the bus to a nearby beach.  Why a bus?  Well, my mom is a New Yorker and did not, until I was in high school and gunning for my own driver's license, drive a car. But to my mom's credit, that did not stop her from getting us the heck out of Dodge. My mom, younger brother and I would schlep our cooler, beach blanket and boogie boards about seven stifling blocks to the bus stop, wait however long, and then climb gratefully into the air-conditioned heaven that was our bus to the beach. When the bus doors opened and we felt that blast of cold air- oh my!  It took a little over two hours to make the 35-mile trip, but it was definitely worth it.  To this day, it is not officially summer until I have fully submerged myself in salty, undulating water. Aaaah!
We also went to the movies.  A lot of movies.  I'm pretty sure there were some illegal double-features thrown in there.  You know, when you leave one theater and slyly slink into another.  There also may have been some R-rated movies that my brother and I should not have seen.  And there was definitely a lot of smuggling-in of frozen yogurts obtained from non-movie-theater sources.   But again, we were hot, and the only thing that mattered was air-conditioning.  Couldn't resist the Breakin' poster.  Just like the beach, the movie theater remains one of my happiest places.
And finally, there was ice cream.  We had two parlors nearby (by which I mean less than an hour-long bus ride)- Farrell's and Swensen's.  Both of them have since left Escondido, and with them went the scenes of many childhood days spent inhaling ice cream sundaes when all attempts at cooling my exterior had failed.  But I will always remember them fondly, and love some ice cream.

I know these memories are simple, but the simple ones sometimes have the most sticking power.  I hope you are all finding memorable ways to escape the heat this summer!


  1. Heidi- I can relate incredibly well with your post!! Wow. Every summer, we hopped on the bus and it rode all of the way down Rosemead (from Pasadena) to Long Beach. We went to Grandma's after for ice cream (now Coldstone's :(). And LOTS of movies. Our very favorite thing to do. She'd take us to $1- movie nights, buy a tub of popcorn, and mix M&M's into it! And she'd drop us off some days and let us hit up several!

    I'm off to visit your new blog!

  2. Lovely post.... wish I lived in a country where I had to escape the heat, Scotland doesn't seem to have this problem!

  3. This is great Heidi. I feel so spoiled - I never had to ride the bus as a kid and we lived about 15 minutes from the beach and never went! Then again, it didn't get that hot in University City! :) These days we live in the E. County and don't have AC either - but at least we have friends with a pool!!

  4. heidi-
    there is such a richness in your story. I remember when we went to the zoo but once a year, drove for hours without a dvd player, and spent a lot of time journeying... we had to fly from alaska to the beach in new hampshire.
    long! maybe this summer we will take some time to wait for a bus.
    walk to school both ways uphill. and like it! xoxox!!

  5. totally brings me back~ ah, Farrell's! xoxo

  6. I loved reading these stories and memories! xoxo


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