Herein lies the boatload-of-baby-photos-post

July 28, 2011

This post is for my friends who complained they never saw my pictures from last summer.  I'm making up for it in this post.  Behold, baby photos!
Little E was a little dream on the plane rides.  Here she is all snuggled in with her baby for the overnight to London.
On an after-dinner walk near Monaco.
Watching brother and sister in the tide pools.
Napping at Plage Mala.  She sort of specializes in sleeping on Mediterranean beaches.
Getting "nuh-nuh" on the Côte d'Azur.  This is the one and only time you will ever get a shot of my "nuh-nuh."  In fact, I may take it down later today, so get your fill.  HA.
I love these baby feet more than you will ever know.  They taste really good too.
On a walk in "our neighborhood."
Kickin' it Riviera style on Paloma Beach.  
I do love a little Boho Baby, don't you?
Topless shot.
This is pretty overexposed, but I love that she posed for this photo. Also, the purple band-aid on the knee?  She is so girly.   
I told you she was an expert at sleeping on the beach.
Sweet, sweet girl.
Sitting on Sasha's lap, throwing rocks into the sea.  She could (and did) do that for hours.
Cheeks 2.
Cheeks 3.
Another beach shot (imagine that!).
We went to Vence to check out Keira's digs (that's her with the dark hair, sitting next to Sasha.)  Little E was a natural at cafe life.
And that's Keira's boyfriend Cedric.  Ahem.  He wore espadrilles and striped shorts, owns an art gallery in the little town square, and they live together in the apartment above the gallery.  Just like out of cheesy middle-aged lady life in Europe movie.  Little E took to him like an old friend.
Here she is charming Keira and Cedric.
First shot in Italy.
After our big meal at Il Latini (evidenced by the food on her romper).  There is a story behind JuJu's interesting outfit which I will have to tell in another post.
Asleep in Florence's Piazza della Signoria.
I love her snuggled right into my collar bone.
Sadly, one of the only family shots from the entire trip.  Happily, eating gelato at a new favorite place in Florence, Perché No.

She woke up in time to check out the Duomo.
Hanging at the apartment in Lucca.
Little E had this intense love for our friend Bill (and vice versa).  Every morning she would wake up asking for "Ba?  Ba?"  And then all day long whenever he left the room.
Sleepy head again.  We had a lot of naps on the go, I guess.
Looks comfy, no?
Self-portrait at the pizza place.  She was sorry she missed the pizza that afternoon.
Waiting for brother and sister outside their language school.
Our friend Ernesto from the bar we went to all last summer was soooooo happy to see Little E.

Sweet baby.  Sweet red Vespa.

OK, those were Little E's highlights from the trip.  I have to say I like traveling with her a lot.  :-)


  1. Little E is so precious...and that is a beautiful photo of you breastfeeding. Cherish it! Those moments together are so sweet and they only last so long.

  2. ahhhh! she is such a little angel. I want to travel with her :)

  3. don't take down the "nuh nuh" shot!! indeed CHERISH IT! ... and those feet. I LOVE BABY FEET.. weird? noo!! it's adult feet I don't like.. but baby feet, mmmm!!!

  4. Well, she is just gorgeous! Here cheeks remind my of my 14 month old daughter, Georgia's.

  5. Those are all so fabulous, I don't know where to start! I just love her. xo

  6. the nursing shot is great! the world needs to see more toddler nursing. i'm nursing a 16 month-old daughter, and i hate feeling like a pariah.

  7. Such beautiful photos! Love those one of her sleeping. So precious!

  8. Wow, what a great series of photos. She's a real cutie.

  9. What a cutie. Love the boho look too.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Love the 'neighborhood walk' photo.

  11. Wow, just wow. She is precious. All of them are. And you are such a beauty! My goodness. I have to say that I might steal the kerchief look for my little one, especially when we go to visit friends in sunny LA next week. She already looks great in hats, but I hadn't thought of a kerchief. It will be just the thing.


  12. Just beautiful! All of them!

  13. Wonderful pics of what looks like a wonderful holiday!
    My only regret regarding nursing my twins (one of them til 21 months!) is not having a photo like that sweet one you luckily have of your little E! Priceless!

  14. Such an adorable little girl you have!!! I love her clothes, and the shoes are adorable!!! May I ask where you bought the/all shoes from? Thanks!! :)

  15. Shes a really life boho baby doll! Just precious!

  16. She is so precious!


  17. those photos made my day! i could eat her up.

  18. What a good girl. Love her outfits!

  19. I can't take how cute she is!!! These photos are so precious!

  20. such an excellent post and such incredible experiences for a tiny globetrotter.

  21. She's adorable! Definitely looks like she had fun time!

  22. Emily ( 29, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    so precious! love the nursing shot! where do you find/buy the sweet little head kerchiefs/scarves?

  23. Been following your blog for awhile but this is my first comment! Gorgeous photos of your toddler. May I ask where her adorable outfits are from?

  24. These are just beautiful photographs. Your children are absolutely gorgeous.

    Any tips for flight travel with the baby? My son was also born in 10/2009 and I'm hoping he's as much of a dream to travel with as your babe. No issues with ears on take-off/landing? I've got plenty of snacks, toys, favorite bear and we're traveling during naptime so here goes nothiing.

  25. Love these! What a gorgeous family you have.

  26. oh lady she is beyond stunning...but then again all your kiddos are. what amazing memories you guys are creating for them!

  27. Cute! I have that brown/yellow Ikea bag as well. Its so big and comfy to carry all the kid business.

  28. what is the baby carrier you are using? PLEASE tell.

  29. Yvette: it's an ergo carrier!

  30. To those that have asked about the bandanas: I bought all of them either last summer or this summer over there. I never see them in the US...anyone??

    Her clothes are from all over. Rikshaw design, target, sweet William, elephantito, Bon pointe, American apparel, hand me downs from friends, kayce Hughes... That's all I can think of right now :)

  31. are you kidding me with those outfits?! LOVE. boho baby is the way to go, it pulls at my hippie heart strings. she is such a cutie.

  32. You have me dreaming this morning Jora...I'm in big trouble for the rest of the day :)

    p.s. I want to specialize in sleeping on Mediterranean beaches too.

    p.p.s. I think Perche No was the place we loved the most too. Had the most amazing gelato flavor there.

    p.p.p.s. So glad you enjoyed your monumental incredible!


  33. Baby style at its best. And those baby flip flops have me melting. So so cute!

  34. Your little one has to be one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! I just lover her eyes..

  35. Cute baby I'd like to have one like you have, I'm gonna say to my boyfriend about it, I know that he'll be so happy when I he'll him that.


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