A Story From Our Trip (A Guest Post by B!)

August 5, 2011

Imagine my surprise when I found the below passage in an email from B....complete with instructions regarding when/how to post it (i.e. not on the weekend when we all know nobody reads blogs!).  It has been quite awhile since we last heard from B, so be sure to let him know how much you missed him!  ~Jora

Enough this day of nursing babies, of baby toes and baby clothes, and of all things neonatal.
Instead, for one day only, let us turn our attention to more important matters:  alcohol.  And when you’re talking Italian alcohol, you’re naturally talking about wine beer.  That’s right, beer.

As it happens, for two decades at least, beer drinking has been on the rise in Italy, from you-never-used-to-be-able-to afford-it levels 20 years ago, to you’ve-got-to-try-this-Italian-microbrew levels today.  Today there are 50 craft brewers in Tuscany alone.

On both of our last two trips we have visited Italy’s up and coming brewer, 20-something year old Iacopo Lenci.  Iacopo lives in Lucca and is the brewmaster/owner of the award-winning Birrificio Brùton.

Iacobo also happens to be the son of acclaimed winemaker Agostino Lenci of Fattoria di Magliano, who also runs an agriturismo in southern Tuscany (where we’ve never been), but which you can check out here.

Iacopo has built a following, and now retails his beer internationally.  The beers feature the “Bruton” logo, but are sold by their lyric names like Bianca, Brùton di Brùton, Lilith, Momus, and Dieci (“10," as in alcohol percentage).  I recently drained my 401k and bought these two at Whole Foods:

We learned of his Slow Food restaurant and brewery outside of Lucca in a Travel and Leisure article a couple of years ago.  There it was written of Iacopo and his ground-breaking brewery/restaurant, “This guy’s the future of Italy. This is the only way it’ll go forward.”

If you can stand Italian charm, passion and humor, you can check him out here.  The sound quality is poor, but it’s worth a listen if only to hear the anecdote about how his grandmother served him sangiovese as a youth.  The clip is seven minutes.  After that, you’re on your own ladies.


  1. Beer with "an Italian touch"...I loved this post Mr. B-- learned a little about the culture, the history and what sounds like a unique beer. The "curious drunk" video was great because I love knowing the personal story behind a product. I just wish I wasn't going to Whole Foods this afternoon because now I'm tempted to give it a try this evening!

  2. I love it when B posts. (Funny guy!) However, I'm ashamed to admit that the only birra I've had is Nastro Azzuro, Peroni and Moretti (just like the charming Iacopo mentions). I can't wait to try some Italian craft beer. I didn't even know it existed. Grazie!

  3. Great post. and I love that B takes his blogging seriously. with instructions.

    and B, if you are reading the comments, post a bee update!

  4. awesome post. i especially enjoyed the comment about draining the 401k at whole foods :) can't wait to try these!

  5. oh, man! my husband is going to die when he sees this. thanks again, jora! we are almost set: i think it is going to be monterosso! xo

  6. I just forwarded this link to my husband, obsessed with microbrews... The fact that it's Italian is a bonus. Thanks! Love the post.

  7. I have to admit that I'm not a beer drinker. But, I enjoyed B's post and will be having my husband read it, being the social beer drinker of the house that he is. :)

  8. Hooray for B and for the Beer. I'm loving the muttonchops on the guy too.


  9. B! I can't find this anywhere in Vegas. I hope you will have it stocked up for me to try in October. :)


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