An Epilogue by B.

September 24, 2010

B asked that I post this as a follow-up to his post from last week:

To those who have asked to see a photo of the sweet Adorno Bonciani, here is one of him and his late wife wife, taken in 2005.  
To those who have asked to see the three of his children we just brought home, here they are:
{in our hallway}

{in the office}

{no home yet...maybe the girls' room?}
The one with the guitar player was in his house for 54 years (painted in 1956), the other two, 51 years (1959).

We are glad to give them a new home.

To those who are interested in hearing more about Bonciani, here are the observations of Italian art historian, Gabriella Gentilini (translated, very roughly, from Italian):

. . . Not far from the watermelon, the ice cream man, the painter, the gondolier . . . The sun shone on the beautiful facades of the cathedrals, basilicas and monuments of Florence, Pisa, Venice, Paris, all cities of the Earth seemed to join in one song, inspired by those lovely creatures, light as air, moving timidly, gently touching the ground.  Their round faces reveal a serenity and an inner light that is spread around, but also hide a veil of sadness because no one was leaving the world of dreams.

One day they met a poet, painter, Adorno Bonciani, who came in on tiptoe in the place of fantasy where they lived for centuries and fell in love with them. He was struck by the sweetness, the innocence and the irony of these little beings. Slowly he pulled them out one by one by his magic brush, taking care to preserve the atmosphere around them and the perfection of architecture, fruit of civilization and human ingenuity.

Since then, Bonciani was devoted entirely to these wonderful characters, has been able to hear the secrets of their hearts and made them the protagonists of his works, with great technical skill, but also with patience, creativity and much inexhaustible love.

{some other paintings by bonciani we have in the nursery}


  1. Thank you for sharing these visuals- both him and his works. It is very clear, in seeing his paintings and reading the observations, that he truly thought of his work as his children... created them, brought them into the world, surrounding them with beauty and love.

    They look wonderful in their new home - and I think that other one would look great in the girls' room! ... not that I've seen their room :), but I know it look great in *my little girls' room!

  2. Beautiful. How lucky. I know that I always feel a ton of gratitude when I'm able to connect with people that are living such an authentic life. Now you will have the reminder of that connection around every corner.

  3. Beautiful!!! Needles to say, these paintings have just inspired me (painting is my hobby).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. How nice! I love that description of his work. And if the little violinist really needs a home.... :)

  5. Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Emma

  6. I'm so happy you had some photos of Signor Bonciani! I was so curious what he looked like. I absolutely love his work. And what a special relationship you have with him!

    I think that is what traveling is all about -- discovering amazing people and bringing "them" home with you, even if it is on a "borrowing" basis. :)


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