Some Good Stuff.

September 15, 2010

First, I forgot to tell you about my guest post on Marvelous Kiddo yesterday.  Check it out!

Second, if you read design blogs and get that "fatigued" feeling and you need to get a little something off your chest, I suggest you check out this post (and comments!) and then this one too.  Funny stuff and somehow, I don't feel so mean anymore.  ;-)  (via pretty mommy)

p.s.  kim awesomely brought this post to my attention...seriously funny!


  1. OK, you just made me forward this sh*t (it's contagious!) to my co-workers. I'm "that" co-worker now :) So funny though!

  2. That site is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Next time you see that Egyptian Magic - will you pick me up one? I'm serious! :)

  4. You just cost me $134 at Whole Foods, young lady!


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