Stories From Italy: Street Shots.

September 28, 2010

Some of my very favorite things about Italy are the beautiful streets and storefronts.  I can't seem to help but take lots and lots of pictures of them when we are there.
{one of the many alimentari that we shopped at and ate from each day}
{watching brother get his hair cut}

{outside vivoli in florence}


{the steps at the kids' language school}

{a typical lucchese menu hanging in the window}

{a favorite restaurant}

{a sweet spot to dine}

{four very different doors}

{chocolate shop}

{lots of yummy take-out food from this place}

{more good food}

{cafe life}

{exposed brick}

{bakery and bicycle}


{a market and clock tower just outside our apartment}

{a main piazza in by c-man}


{a lovely little wine bar}

{flower shop}

{papa and his bimbi}

{the first stop we made for coffee and snacks}

{another bakery....our favorite}


  1. I'm not usually "speechless" (as you can probably guess per my past comments and blog:), but... these pictures are simply beautiful.

    I 'world' that I dream of visiting someday and one that I believe I'd have a hard time leaving behind.

  2. Okay, maybe I'm not speechless:)...

    I just wanted to add that I loved the barber picture (and that you took him to get his hair cut [and speech classes!] there! Like a true local.). My grandfather was a barber, so that picture was very touching.

  3. ahhh... calgon take me away! make that, charming outdoor wine bar, take me away :} more please!

  4. I love these photos so so much! I can't wait to take our daughter along on a trip like that. Dreamy!

  5. Well, I need to say something else...There are some very, very bad things about Italy (I could write a book about it) which foreign visitors are lucky not to experience, but Jora, your pictures and posts show what's really good about it. And let me also say that things are changing and the little stores, the little bakeries, the friendly artists are sadly disappearing faster than light. I'm glad you were able to enjoy those things and have your children enjoy them now because their "bimbi" won't get to see that Italy...

  6. Jora these are beautiful! Definitely framable quality. I am glad I am getting my passport :)

  7. Thank you for posting these. I'll show these to Michael and hopefully he'll get "inspired" to take us all there next Spring!! I just love these photos.

  8. I really enjoyed these. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Que es un alimentari?
    Also, can I be your kid? Seems like a pretty good gig, with the travel and the gelato...

  10. Gorgeous. I love the one with the different doors the most.


  11. Beautiful photos! Looks like the perfect family getaway. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I use to live a block a way from Vivoli!!! My favorite cafe and gelateria i use to order an espresso and their delicious crema de dita every morning. Thanks for posting these photos.

  13. anonymous....alimentari are little grocery stores that also have great prepared foods! think perfetly roasted chickens. vegetable gratins. marinated cheeses. nonna's meatballs en sugo. salads to die for. a crostata made from fruit from the owner's backyard. i could go on and on. AND WHY DON'T WE HAVE PLACES LIKE THIS IN THE U.S.??? and no, whole foods, your prepared food section doesn't even come close.

  14. The picture of the four doors is my favorite.

    -Sr. Avalanche

  15. Thanks for sharing some of your trip! I love Florence and long to go back. Looks like such a great time.


  16. OK! You either need to post about the language school or email me directly. ;) I'm DYING to hear about it! I would love to do this on our next trip to Italia. Grazie mille.


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