A Fall Party.

October 25, 2009

We made it out to our friends' Annual Fall Party this weekend, and the kids had tons of fun. (I guess I posted about it last year too. Predictable, that I am.) JuJu had her first caramel apple. Not surprising, she loved it and it made a HUGE sticky mess.
C-Man got his face painted. "Batman!" he demanded. I didn't know he even knew who Batman was.
JuJu and Nana (B's mom, who was in town this week) watched on as C-Man as he got his face painted.
It turned out cute, no?
JuJu worked up the courage to get painted herself.
I love this look. It's her "I'm being real brave and sitting real, real still, mama" face.
Taking a little break from the festivities.
Little E was there too...snoozing the afternoon away.


  1. Hello! I love your blog, and have followed it for a while now. I am expecting my first child in 4 weeks. All your children are beautiful, and congratulations on your new baby girl. May I ask, what kind of baby carrier are you wearing in this post? I have been researching them for a while, and the one you have on looks very cozy for your new baby. Thank you!

  2. Wow! Juju is getting to be so big!

    Gorgeous pictures:)

  3. Your children are so beautiful Jora. I love these sort of family posts keep them coming.

  4. Augh I love it all! What a gorgeous family, Jora, seriously. I love seeing them grow up! Little E, I can't wait for your dancing videos!!

  5. Anonymous: the wrap is called a hug-a-bub, but it's the same as a moby wrap, which you can find more places. it works great (esp. for newborns) and is super comfortable!

  6. Jora I love your blog! Where did you get your aviator sunglasses from? I'm from Australia too so they may not be available here!

  7. love those squishy cheeks on c-man as his face is getting painted. i have to confess that i wouldn't mind a baby-a-day photos. there is something so peaceful about seeing a brand new baby

  8. adorable. what a special moment, her first ever carmel apple:-) And well, Batman is super cool. How is daily life going as a family 5? Does it just seem like she was always there with you?

  9. Hi again Jora. Thanks so much for the info on the baby wrap. I will Google those tonight.
    All the best!

  10. So Batman didn't keep the pink clip in his hair. Good call!


  11. Aw, they're all so cute. Each in their own way... love the snuggly little E, and the stylish poses of her older sibs. Seriously hip.

  12. Your kids are so cute looking! Very nice blog.

  13. How fun! Max saw the picture of C-Man and loved his mask and I must say, it has been so fun to watch Juju grow up. She's such a little girl now!


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