A Little Mother's Day Bonus.

May 13, 2009

How sweet is this? Abby stayed with us all last week and she left this for me on Sunday....a bunch of good magazines, some chocolates from a local shop (that I had told her about a few days before) and a very heartfelt card. And I'm not even her mom! Total bonus.


  1. Magazines, especially thick glossy ones, are so much fun to get. Yay, Abby!


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  3. How sweet! - Did she leave already? Shoot! I was hoping she would come and stay with us for a week!

  4. oops - forgot there are 2 of us under "stewartandjames" this is the other half... (kristen)arre's sister-in-law. although arre knows she is sweet and thoughtful too :)


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