My "Did-Do" List.

May 13, 2009

{sorry, i accidentally published this post earlier this morning before it was finished...}

I got this idea from Wendolonia (which she got from Rookie Moms). Instead of always making that to-do list and feeling ineffective for not getting to everything, why not make a "did-do" list once in awhile to take stock of just how much you really get done during the day? I think this is an especially great idea for stay-at-home moms. It's easy to feel like you can't get anything done when you have kids who interrupt everything you do all day long. Know what I'm talking about?

Here's my list so far:

5:30 a.m.: Nurse Juju
Change Juju's diaper
Get C-Man out of bed
Fix kids breakfast
Help feed Juju
Check and send email
Pack C-Man's lunch
Drink coffee with B (all of about 30 seconds)
Strip beds and start washing sheets
Dress Juju
Dress C-Man
Read Juju 2 books
Get play-doh set up for Juju
Get paints and glitter pens (specifically requested) set up for C-Man
Get myself dressed
Put Juju's hair in pigtails
Do some of morning dishes
Clean up play-doh, paints and glitter pens
Drive C-Man to school
Check voicemails
Call Delta Airlines to fix Juju's ticket (name misspelled...grrrr)
Do more laundry
Secured babysitter for Monday
Went with B and Juju to post office to apply for her passport (finally)
Stopped by produce store
Made cucumber soup and croutons for lunch
Ate lunch with B and Juju
Cleaned up after lunch
12:15 p.m.: Sent B to get C-Man from school

Phew! And I swear it doesn't look or feel like I've done anything today!

What does your "Did-Do" List look like?


  1. Um, completely. We just moved and some days I can't imagine how the same pile of boxes is still staring at me.

  2. Wow! You get more done before noon than I can hope to get done all week! 5:30am?!?! Really? That's amazing!

  3. Wowsers! I actually do something a little bit similar (and I don't even have kids!) I put everything on an online calendar, and when I do things - I put a little star in front of them, like checking them off. Sometimes I just put stuff on the list after the fact, with the star - just to feel good about the fact that it's done (and remind myself that I did it later on!)

  4. Ah... the whole post! Sorry for the premature comment :) Very impressive. I'm tired out just reading it... or maybe just tired. My morning was a blur of nursing, naps, diapers, grooming (both of us), contractors, emails, texts, a walk, grocery store... Inspired by Alice Q, I'm going to put a star next to the whole morning. Ding!

  5. what a refreshing way to look at things! i am an infamously bad to-do-list-keeper, and i always feel like i somehow should've done more with my day -- even when i've been going nonstop. i think i'll make one of these lists next time i get down on myself!

  6. Love it Jora! I totally do my lists like Alice Q Foodie. I usually have a few check marks in the first place - it's wonderfully motivating! And you're a rockstar - that is one heck of a list - especially for the morning, whew!

  7. I'm amazed at how much gets done before you even drive c-man to school! And a did-do list is a terrific idea--it's especially hard to feel like you accomplished anything when you didn't even get up from the computer all day!

  8. that was great and refreshing! thanks, it was like a little "shout-out" to the mom side of me. Hope to see you all soon.

  9. I am exhausted from just reading it. I work outside the home, and am here to say that your day involves WAY more than I do at an office on any given day. And that includes my mornings and evenings at home with our kiddo too.


  10. This is brilliant. I too always put things I've done on lists, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off.

  11. love it! i may do this and start handing it to my husband every night. just so he knows :)


  12. We will need to keep lists like this and show them to the kids when they are ungrateful teenagers

  13. I like your list. Must remember to make a did-do list instead of the other kind of list.

    Today is a work day so it's pretty much: wake up at 4:45 (whew!), do the basics in the bathroom (face, teeth, make sure hair isn't sticking up), leave for the gym, workout in a water class (fun!), get ready quickly, relax with a book and a beverage at starbucks before working.


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