Plage Mala

May 31, 2008

Have I told you about my favorite beach? We found it on our honeymoon in the South of France. The son of the owner of a restaurant we went to a few times told us about it and how to find it. It's on the little windy road between Nice and Monaco -- you know, the one Princess Grace died on. Anyway, I know what you are thinking: the romance of the honeymoon and the place made this beach better in my mind than it really is. That is probably true, but this beach is so special. You have to hike down a little path to get to it and then there is a small sandy beach with a little bar and restaurant, which means you can have an espresso brought to you when you wake up from your afternoon nap. {Quick aside: the downside of European beaches? you usually have to pay to use them and there are the speedos....... the upside? you get lounge chairs to lay on and towels and you have a cute Frenchie serve you lunch. I say the Euro beaches win out every time.} Anyway, as you can see from the photo, the water is unbelievably clear and it is surrounded by the most beautiful white-washed cliffs. Needless to stay, we spent many days reading, swimming and napping on this beach, despite our ambitions to see more of the area.

Why am I bringing all of this up now? It was almost 4 years ago, after all. Well, when I was getting my haircut this week, I was busily catching up on all the celebrity gossip magazines (I weaned myself off of Perez, but that is another story), and lo and behold, there in Star Magazine were Brad and Angelina and the crew (with The Edge of U2) at Plage Mala. Boy that couple really knows how to live. See for yourself:


  1. You have a blog!!! YAY- I'm so excited. :) Plage Mala looks très jolie. I want to go there now!

  2. Hi
    Was just researching Plage Mala and came accross your blog - thinking of visiting this Easter - any ideas of a really nice inexpensive place to stay next to this beach in the South of France.

  3. To my knowledge Plage Mala has a public beach. Generally all French beaches are, except when you want to use the lounge chairs and other catered facilities. Take a train from Nice to Monaco. I think Cap d'Ail is the station between Beaulieu sur Mer (where Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was filmed) and Monaco. Walk down to the beach and take the pathway to your right.



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