Have You Tried This Yet?

May 30, 2008

I must admit, I have been a sucker for all things promising brighter, smoother, fresher, all-around-prettier skin. However, I have managed to curb the impulse buying of said products once I understood that those are easy promises to make, difficult promises to deliver on. {Great marketing scheme: promise something every woman desperately wants, yet make it impossible for anyone to ever prove your product doesn't work.} This, however.....I am going out on a limb here.....is different. Meet Weleda Skin Food. It is your new best friend. The company website says it "intensely hydrates and cares for the skin." It also has anti-blemish, organic Pansy in it (who knew?). I know, I just said that you can't believe the propaganda writers for these products, and you still can't. However, I can tell you that this cream is so moisturizing without being at all greasy. And it gives you that pretty, healthy, just went for a work-out sheen. I'm sure it's just a temporary fix, but when I'm getting ready to go out for the day after being interrupted by Baby J three times during the night, this concoction really gives me the little boost I need. The bonus is its scent: it smells just like a freshly-peeled orange. Even my husband says "Mmmmmm....you smell so good," when I get in bed at night after putting it on. Bonus.


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