A Little Ditty From C-Man

May 30, 2008

C-Man loves to smell our wine when we are having a glass (or two or ten) at night. It makes him feel very special and grown-up. I guess it also makes the husband a little proud or something too, as evidenced by the little conversation I overheard last night:

C-Man: "Oh Da-ya, let me smell your wine!"

Husband: "OK, here you go....now tell me what you smell, son." {You just know he's thinking his two and a half year old budding sommelier child prodigy of a freaky kid is going to say something like "Santa Rosa plum, near the pit" or "Morrocan pommelos grown near the sea."}

C-Man: "It smells like hot dogs!"


  1. mmmm - that sounds like some good wine!

  2. Typical hilarious c-man. I love him so much!

  3. That does sounds like good wine!


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