Meal Planning Monday.

October 25, 2010

nichole's bubby's stuffed cabbage
freshly-baked bread

turkey chili
corn and cheddar muffins

spicy red lentil soup with lemon
freshly-baked bread

potato pancakes
homemade applesauce

{can you tell i've made up with the bread-making?  i've decided to stop blaming it for the extra bit of baby weight that's hanging on because i've missed it -- the bread, not the weight! -- too much.... we will never be apart again.}

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  1. mm yes, the baby weight must be from something else. certainly not homemade bread. yum. and those corn and cheddar muffins sound lovely. thanks so much for posting a link to the soup.

  2. That chili looks fantastic! Perfect for the very fall-ish weather we're having here!
    What bread recipe do you use?

  3. Very excited to make the lentil soup. I'm going to need that stuffed cabbage recipe too. The kiddies tried and loved a nursing-home version a week ago so I can only imagine how much they'd love this one.

  4. do share the turkey chili recipe!

  5. Oh thank you thank you that you're not giving up the bread - I can't wait to eat it with you..... soooo good.

  6. I could never give up bread no matter how hard I try. I've been craving lentil soup, will have to try it.

  7. Bread is simply one of the best things in life! Turkey chili recipe please!


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