School Projects.

March 26, 2010

For a long time, I've been meaning to take pictures of all the cool things C-Man makes at school. I think I will officially start today. I don't want to forget this stuff.

This week, he brought home a paper basket that he made and decorated. It has wheatgrass growing out of it, as well as a cute little felted caterpillar -- it's so darn cute I should have taken a close-up! He also brought home several drawings, a "Happy Spring" card, a decorated egg that had been blown out (which we have hanging on a branch in a vase in the kitchen), and a smaller basket he made and filled with balls of beeswax. (The kids love playing with beeswax....they roll it in their palms to warm it up and then form it into different objects. He's actually been playing with the wax and "telling stories" to himself for about 20 minutes now!)


  1. that's so cute! what a fun project -- they've gotten a lot better since my elementary school days!

  2. Great little project. He's getting quite the green fingered little man eh! Love that little caterpillar - looks like the one from The Hungry Caterpiller.

  3. What a great idea. I too shall start snapping photos of the cool projects that my kiddo brings home. I love them all, but you can't save every last thing. So having a photo memory of them will help.



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