To Market, To Market.

August 23, 2009

The kids and I (with friend Elise who has been visiting us this past two weeks) had an especially nice trip to the farmer's market yesterday morning. The kids were happy, cooperative, sweet and all around perfect. They are not always like this at the same time, or even usually like this, come to think of it.
C-Man hanging out at Barry's stand. He rearranged all those tomatoes. And he was in such a good mood, he didn't even rip off his dorky sun hat.
JuJu didn't take her paws off the Kettle Korn until every last kernel was eaten.
See? Happy brother and sister.
There was lots of hugging and hand-holding with these two.
They even sat quietly and listened to the music.
She even shared her strawberry lemonade...I am telling you, this never happens!
Miss Perfect Posture.
My little man laid down in my lap? Who are these kids?


  1. Awesome kiddo sun hats ... I can never find hats with big brims like that! Would you mind sharing where you got them? : )

  2. Beautiful pics! I never tire of seeing pictures of your beautiful family, Jora. I'm SO excited you're adding another one. :)

  3. that's the wonderful thing about kids, they will do something so wonderful you just feel glorious just looking at them. My boys surprise me like that just about every day and it always leaves me breathless with love.

  4. Ah! Those are just the best days! Definitely blog-worthy! Lovely pictures!

  5. Anonymous: C-Man's hat is a "Flap Happy" and JuJu's is an "Under the Nile."

  6. What a nice, nice, nice day. And yes, I'm constantly admiring our kiddo's posture too. He hasn't learned to slump and it's just adorable.


  7. We were there. Sorry to have missed you and your little ones!

  8. That looks just like the Hillcrest Market! I'm there most Sundays, or I was when I worked a CSA near there. I love the raw vegan booth just for their young coconuts. Makes me so very happy!

    PS Came to you via SAJ


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