Quite Possibly the World's Best Summer Beverage.

August 20, 2009

If we are talking about non-alcoholic drinks, that is. Which is my world for the time being.

This watermelonade is KILLER. First had it last summer at Lisa's house for Supper Club. We had pulled pork sandwiches and some great salads as I recall. She also provided vodka with which to spike said killer watermelonade.

Also, where can I get a beautiful drink pitcher like that? Love.

photo by roland bello for gourmet


  1. I lived for lemonade when I was pregnant! A local Middle Eastern restaurant in my Brooklyn neighborhood serves it with basil and it tastes amazing. Here's a link to a recipe: http://asyouwishwed.blogspot.com/2009/07/lemonade-bar.html

    PS - I've been to a wedding like the one featured where a lemonade bar was set up for arriving guests prior to the ceremony. So pretty and refreshing on a hot afternoon!

  2. They must sell those jars somewhere like they use for Agua Fresca at the Mexican places and at the market - that's basically what this is!

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  4. have you tried watermelon with lychee? ummm...

  5. Mmm... that looks tasty. Thanks for sharing!

  6. that drink sounds deliciously refreshing. speaking of drinks - we're considering getting an espresso machine and I think that you previously recommended one. Can you remind me what machine that is?


  7. jones: what is your email address?


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