Which Blogger Would You....

January 31, 2011

(Taking a cue from Modernhaus, I decided to play a little game.)

Which blogger would you most want to..... (by the way, I excluded anyone I know in real life):

....be your personal shopper?  Michelle from Pretty Mommy.  I love every gosh darn item in her online shop.

.....have as your BFF?  Joslyn of Simple Lovely (as probably every girl who reads her blog does).  She is just the right amount of hip, approachable, fun-loving, interesting, kind......everything I'd look for in a friend, really.

.....have a playdate with? Leigh from Marvelous Kiddo.  We are aligned on so many parenting issues and her boys are just delicious!  Plus there would be lots of good non-mommy stuff to talk about.   But can we meet up in NYC, please?

....hang out with in a cafe on some rainy afternoon?  Sarah of Pink of Perfection.  I know we could solve a few world problems, all while talking poetry and drinking espressos and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes (ok, maybe not the smoking part, but you get the picture).

.....switch lives with for just one day?  Sarah of Fairy Tales Are True.  She spent the last year traveling around Europe with her cute husband.  Enough said.

....travel with internationally?  Stephanie of Stephmodo.  We could, of course, stay in her French home La Maisonette (only if she insists).

.....do a house swap with?  Erin of Villa Pacis.  She lives in Rome.  She has beautiful taste.  That meets my requirements!

.....share some laughs?  Bridget from Tales of Me and the Husband.  I can tell we have very similar senses of humor and she would probably give my abs a much-needed workout.

.....like to borrow her baby for a day?  Hands down, the two cutest, sweetest, loviest (is that a word?) babies (besides my own of course, hahahahaha) are Gemma Bird and Enchanted Mama's chunky monkey.  (You should really click those links because those are some CUTE BABIES.)  (Actually, I think I like those babies so much because they remind me a bit of my own....  ;-) )

....drink some cocktails with?  Whoorl would be my girl.  One of the first blogs I ever read, and I just know we would have tons to drink to and chat about.  Plus I like that she can appreciate a real cocktail, and not just some tooty fruity sorority girl one, ya know?t

....update her blog already?!  Jones from Loveliest Days.  I'm all for giving a new mom some time, but she went and had that sweet blue eyed baby on us and then practically disappeared!  I miss reading her posts and looking at her beautiful dreamy pictures, even the pre-baby stuff.  Maybe she will start again?  Pretty please?

Want to play along?  Let me know if you do!


  1. I love this post! I want to play this game...

  2. jora, i will share laughs with you ANY DAY.

    and me too on the wanting to switch lives with sarah. panama, switzerland, spain, florida... the list continues.

  3. I'd love to share laughs with you and bridget. (:

    My husband says "thanks for calling me cute" !


  4. Thank you, Miss Jora! I am thinking we can easily make this happen, right?

    (I can't believe we haven't met in person yet. 2011 resolution!)

  5. um yes...i would totally be your BFF!
    fo sho

  6. You're too cute Jora - can I nominate you for "family I want to go to Italy with for the summer" and "mom I want to hang out with for the day and see how she manages 3 kiddos with such style"??

  7. Now my wheels are turning....I think this would be fun to play. You've already named a few of my favs and now I have some new ones to check out!

  8. Jora, I have so negelected that space. When I started the blog, I *needed* to have an outlet, a vent. I no longer have that same *need* and maybe feel like my postings wouldn't be interesting/relevant/etc. But, now that I know I'd at least have you as a reader, perhaps you'll see something new. soon.

  9. i'm honored! and i hope one of these days we can actually DO a house swap. for realz. i hadn't thought of it, but now that you mention it, not a bad idea at alllll :-) i got some more summer info for you but we've been battling a mega flu here, soon as i can breath through my nose i'll email you.

  10. I would have picked you for every category even though I know you in real life. But that's just me. ;)

  11. such a cute idea... I didn't know all the blogs who talked about {on my way to explore} but ever person you said was spot on!! I love this little blog-world!

  12. I am all about an NYC hang. ANY TIME, mamacita, ANY TIME.
    Thank you so much for including me here. This is a wonderful list. I'm honored :)

  13. When are you going to update your blog? Thanks, Veneta~


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