April 13, 2010

1. I have an addiction to Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Clouds (with caramel and pecans).

2. I have been yelling at my kids too much.

3. Little E's birth announcements have still not been mailed even though I have had them on my desk for almost a month now.

4. I can't stop watching Sober House.

5. I eat most of my meals these days standing up. Bad, bad, bad.

6. I really owe a call to a good friend of mine.

7. I like sleeping with my baby.

That feels better. Now, what about you? Anything you want to get off your chest?


  1. 1. I surf ffffound way too much.
    2. I also have been known to watch too much Sober House.
    3. I have had a Butter by Nadia dress in a online shopping cart for months and I keep staring at it.
    4. I miss Northern California way too much.

    I feel slightly better thanks.

  2. OK, I don't really feel like working... let's confess.

    1. I also kill too much time on ffffound
    2. we have a perfectly (solo) sleep-trained child... but I sometimes really, really miss sleeping with him
    3. I am always on top of the kid's laundry, but put off doing my laundry AGAIN
    4. I talk to my plants
    5. I read too many blogs at work

  3. I keep buying beautiful italian photo albums (have three now) for my (almost) 2 year old but have yet to put any pics in them. They are just sitting there on my computer waiting to be printed!

  4. 1. I also love sleeping with my daughter.
    2. I am smitten with the idea of adding another baby to our family and if I could grant myself a boy I would have one yesterday!.
    3. I eat too many sweets.
    4. I'm obsessed with cooking shows.
    5. I feel physically crushed even though I had 9 hours of interrupted sleep.

  5. 1. Not usually one for sweets, I've been eating WAY too many during this pregnancy.

    2. I've been yelling at Wito too much as well. Makes me sad.

  6. 1. i sometimes let my 2 yr old get away with bad behavior because i am both too tired to discipline her and after being away from her at work all day i just don't want negative interactions - bad, i know (there's the counter to your feeling like you yell at your kids too much J, i don't yell at mine enough!)

    2. i badly need to exercise, but when?????

    3. i am doing a miserable job of sleep training for the simple reason that i am too tired to handle even one minute of crying. i prided myself on having a 6 month old sleeping through the night the first time around. this time, my almost 8 month old is nowhere near sleeping through.

  7. oh, also i had a chocolate bar for lunch.

  8. 1) I love my job and I love being a mom. I can't imagine staying home with my little ones full time, which makes me love my job even more. Sometimes I feel guilty about this sometimes I don't.

    2) My husband and I have done a terrible job sleep training our second baby, now 9 months old. She is just sooo cute in the middle of the night but man do we pay for it in the morning.

    3) I let my 2 year old daughter watch too many movies when I am trying to get stuff done at home.

    4) I try to eat healthy but secretly love junk food.

  9. 1) I cannot get myself to train my almost 2-year old to fall asleep by himself. He does sleep through the night and solo but I don't want to go through more crying. The bad part is: it takes him 45 min. to fall asleep at night and our second son is expected in less than two months.
    2) I eat a chocolate croissant almost everyday. Incognito.
    3) I can't get my son to brush his teeth regularly.
    4) I have ironed twice in the past 6 months. And nobody else does it in my place. God save Brooks Brothers' non-iron shirts.

  10. 5) Oh yes, and my son goes to sleep late at night (but he is extremely regular, I keep telling myself!)because I don't want to wake up early in the morning. Major guilt.

    [Jora, this was really fun!]

  11. I've been wondering about E's announcements. What did you end up doing?

  12. Yes, where did you get her announcements? I'm also procrastinating like crazy (and eating way too much, and letting my 3 year old watch tons of TV- bad Waldorf momma- and love sleeping with my new baby, and on and on :) when it comes to my announcements. Love your taste and would love some suggestions. Tiny prints and minted is not cutting it this time.


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