The Long, White Gown.

June 12, 2009

It probably comes as no big surprise that I like lingerie and loungewear of the simple and classic design. This sounds simple (and classic) enough, but these items are really hard to find! Truly!

Take for instance the long, white, cotton gown. Nothing too lacy or sexy, but also very sweet and a touch sophisticated. I think I have been on the hunt for one since about 2001. Never found one that came close. Even brands out of my price range don't have these things.

Enter Haute Hippie. A new brand to me, for which I have fallen Head. Over. Heels. And then some.
Isn't it pretty? And perfect? Oh, and simple and classic too?

For the record, I like this one too. Pretty much the same amount. Actually, I like EVERYTHING in their loungewear section. Check it out.

p.s. I love that their model doesn't have huge fake balloon breasts. Totally rail thin (so we know she's a real model), but the chest area looks au naturel. Yay!


  1. wow. i loved most everything on their website. and the photography was cool too. thanks!

  2. reminds me of my Quest for Attractive Nursing Bras. You'd think it wouldn't be too hard! I think I've finally gotten somewhere, but dang there's a lot of yuck/yikes out there. (any good Jora sources?)

  3. Lovely site, the clothes are fabulous. I wrote down the item #'s for each one that I want. However, I can't find them!! I'll call Bergdorf Goodman today, I have business in Manhatten this week so I can swing by and get them, if they have them. thanks fro the info. now I hopefully have the dress for my Harvest Fete

  4. love the simple white cotton gown. soooo hard to find. thanks for the referral. now...lets find a simple white cotton gown that is for nursing, and i'll be in seventh heaven.

    like blake said, the quest for anything pertaining to nursing & attractive looking all at the same time is ridiculous.

    have any suggestions???

  5. I have a couple of pieces from dessous by sophie simmons. simple, comfortable, sexy - just a little hard to find.

  6. Oh, the challenge of finding simple, chic, unfussy, sophisticated loungewear!!!! Dessous is great, as is Jean Yu (brilliant but a bit too precious & also expensivo). Ive been working on my own collection, RARE BIRD, for a couple years since leaving my other label in nyc. Developing exquisite handwoven, hand spun Indian khadi cottons that speak for themselves thru simple silhouettes. Will let you know when first collection comes out!

  7. yes, i'm with you....can never find a perfect simple white nightgown. HH has gorgeous things!

  8. These are lovely -what a great find. I love all of them.

  9. these are lovely! Thanks for posting!


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