December 29, 2010

Hello there.  Long time.  We are back from a whirlwind (no exaggeration) trip up to B's hometown.  The trip was not without adventure!  It started by getting bumped from our (confirmed) second flight and then having to find a rental car to drive 300+ miles!  And this was after enduring the 2+ hour layover at SFO!  What's up United Airlines!!  And because it was December 23rd, there weren't any minivans or SUVs available!  So we had to cram 3 car seats into a Camry and drive possibly illegally and definitely unsafely (C-Man's booster seat was sorta sideways)!  And the Camry cost $190 a day!  Then JuJu puked all over herself because she was too low to see out the windows (which she has never done in my car at home)!  So that was how the trip started!  But who's bitter!

OK, now that I got that off my chest (we are still having words with United), I am happy to report that the kids had a blast, we saw most of B's extended family, the hotel was dreamy, we had some amazing wine and in general, it was a pretty nice trip considering the circumstances.  Of course it goes without saying that we are so happy to be back home and all snug and safe and sound.  While we are plugging back in and getting the house in order, I will leave you with the cutest commercial that featured B's cousin and his family (who we got to hang out with while we were up there). They are organic dairy farmers in Northern California and simply the cutest family ever.


  1. I always support local farmers (and local economy) by buying their products, so I was so glad when I saw this "add".

    Happy Holidays!


  2. I love that B has dairy farming famiglia! :) But I'm so sorry you had to deal with so much travel drama. And more importantly, I really hope that Juju doesn't have true car sickness. That is NO fun.

  3. Oh poor you, 2 hours layoff with United, it happenend with us but We were already boarded and had to wait 2 hours in.... We didn't had our kid at the time but you with the kids ahhh :( Let's just say We are never going with united ever again! And for Juju car sickness, You are right, when they see outside it's way better, well it works almost everytime with our little man but We need to be carefull (not too much to eat before and NO milk or soymilk also).

  4. So incredibly cute!! We recently got back in town (after a little travel drama) and I'm trying to plug back in as well.


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