December 15, 2010

Time for some more confessions.

1.  I have a very hard time accepting things in life that are Just. Not. Fair.  And not right.  And rather screwed up.  BAH.  Why oh why can't I learn that some problems have no solutions?

2.  I haven't made a proper dinner for B and myself in more than a week.  (And he hasn't complained once.)

3.  Sometimes, after the kids go down, I just eat dessert and forget about dinner all together.

4.  I enjoy seeing unflattering pictures of B's ex-girlfriend.  (Bad, I know.  We're all supposed to stick together, right??)

5.  I find Joel McHale enormously sexy.

6.  I am addicted to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I may even be following a couple of them on twitter.  *cringe*

7.  I still yell too much at my kids.  (Bad, bad, bad.  But it is getting better!)

8.  Annnnnnnd I still like sleeping with my baby.

And you?  Anything you need to get off your chest?


  1. is it bad if i just steal your list...

    plus i'll add:

    i actually enjoy saying the 'F-word'

  2. I shout at the kiddos too much too!
    I can eat more Digestive biscuits (cookies) than is really acceptable!
    I'm finding too many nice things to buy myself as Christmas treats whilst I supposed to be doing pressie shopping fo other people!!

    Oh Well. Good to fess up!

  3. oh i love this post. thank you.

    i'll add: i devoured an entire bag of chocolate peanut clusters while watching 30 rock last night instead of writing christmas cards.

  4. I have eaten my weight in chocolate today... and yet I barely let the kids eat any sweets... I'm a hypocrite.

    ps I love your quotes! So much truth.

  5. 1) when husband is out of town and the boys are asleep I have dinner while surfing the web (like right now...) but the menu is always a mortadella sandwich and nutella by the spoonful. [I hope that it won't mean much to most of you...]. This, of course, after my children have eaten broccoli and squash all week.
    2) I still have to send some birth announcements (baby was born last June...ehm...)
    3) When husband comes back home, I mostly look forward to the int'l magazines he brings me back

    I feel a pretty horrible wife/mother! Maybe Jora, you should also have a "brag confessions" post just to balance things out!

  6. I yell, too. When my son doesn't listen to me, I have to yell. I am not proud of it, but that's the way it is.

    Make a dinner. Even if you are too busy. You will feel much better.


  7. i yell too much at the kids. i am impatient (hence the yelling). i drink too much red wine and don't exercise enough. i am like a dog with a bone when i want something, even if deep down i know it's not necessary. i am often a lazy procrastinator, which directly conflicts with my impatient yelling. and even though i live in rome, the eternal city, and am surrounded by art, history and endless cultural riches, i'd rather stay home and watch the real housewives of beverly hills! i didn't even know you could follow them on twitter!!! thanks for that one ;-) hmmmm, not sure if i feel better for having shared, or embarrassed?

  8. 1) I have 478 unread posts in my reader.

    2)...146 items in my inbox.

    3) I ate licorice (and coffee) for breakfast this morning.

  9. I love your #4!!
    I yell too much, too.
    I have so much work to do around the house, but I just can't get motivated. One would think that having a New Year's Eve party would be enough motivation. I'll wear myself out the day before and then be tired and cranky for the party. Ugh.

  10. Love this post... It's nice to hear that other moms are just as "real" as I am... I must admit : 1.I can't remember the last time I cooked, let alone a proper meal.we eat out every night.
    2. I also haven't sent out my birth announcements...and my baby was born 18 months ago today!
    3. I have yet to do my Christmas cards.
    4. I ate a mini bag of Doritos and a Diet DP for lunch... it's all I've eaten today and I did get up on time and was at work on time...
    5. (I can't believe I'll write this...)but I TOO have yelled at my little one more and more...he just never listened to me when I called or corrected.... are you ready for it.... I found out after I yelled so much and put him in time out, that he can't hear!!!! :( We got tubes last Tues.

    I am def not a great mom/wife lately...

  11. I love Joel McHale too. And I NEVER watched Everybody Loves Raymond (they were too mean to each other on that show for my comfort level), but I am loving Ray Romano in Men of a Certain Age. Something about him...

    Plenty of bad mommy/wife moments here too. But let's not beat ourselves up to badly. I think overall we are all doing just fine.


  12. HA

    this really made me laugh. I might borrow this idea for a post (and credit you of course). I haven't cooked in 2 weeks and my sweet hubby looks at me longingly sometimes but darling that he is he hasn't said anything

  13. My confession is that I'm a teeny bit sad that it's time to start my baby on solids. Time is going so fast....

  14. Jora - I like you more and more! I just discovered the Real Housewives of BH this week - and before I knew it I was watching to see if I could spot early signs of the demise of the Grammar's marriage (in my defense I was searching for a new Top Chef on Bravo). Now I am eating flourless choc cake, reading my favorite blogs (:)), as G works yet another late night, when I really should be in bed getting the rest I need so that I don't yell - HA!

    Eamonn's mama

  15. I back you up on #6 and add that I've also started reading their blogs on Bravo's site. I must say (as a defense to make myself feel better...that Kyle does post some great tips on twitter!) Guilty Pleasure!

  16. Jora -

    Hi!! I accidentally stumbled upon your blog, and when I read this post I thought, "Whoa, we have the same life and she's writing MY blog post!"
    I also have three little ones, my youngest daughter was born 03/10, and I admit the RH of BH is my guilty pleasure. I sometimes yell too much, get the "jitters" if my chocolate stash is low, still love sleeping with my baby, and daily dream of a clean house, and meals that I haven't just bought at Costco to heat up ( although I will say their veggie lasagna was divine :O) )

    Oh, and P.S. - Thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only woman in the world with a Joel McHale crush...hehe

    Dana -


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