Mama Time.

April 15, 2013

A mom's schedule is strange, if you ask me.  The hardest work (for me, anyway) comes early morning, afternoon and evening (especially between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m.) and weekends.  Basically, the opposite of a traditional (9-5) workday.  I get a reprieve (in terms of freedom and flexibility) in the morning on weekdays after the older kids go to school until 1 p.m. pickup.  Of course, I always have my sidekick, Little E, with me.  But in general, she is pretty easy and can entertain herself for decent periods of time.

I guess this isn't a strange schedule when hanging with other mom friends, but I happen to have several close girlfriends who don't have kids (holla!) and their days are pretty different than mine.  I guess what I'm not saying but thinking is....I LOVE MONDAY MORNINGS. I literally exhale when the weekend is finally over and I can enjoy a relatively quiet and orderly house.  I relish this time.  I even enjoy sharing it with Little E because she is such a joy and as anyone having three kids knows, having just one at home is. a. BREEZE.  Not sure which rule of nature dictates this, but it just does.

I try to do something on Monday mornings to make that time extra nice.  A real shower?  A hot breakfast?  A special beverage?  Yes, that's exactly what I made this morning.

Mama's Monday Morning Mocha

I've been eating mostly paleo lately, and this mocha reflects that effort.....I want to post more about what and how I've been eating....another day for sure.

1/2 c. homemade almond milk
1 T. raw honey
2 T. raw cacao
dash vanilla extract
pinch sea salt

Whisk all of the above ingredients together in a small saucepan.  Gently heat over medium low heat.  Pour into a mug and top with a shot of espresso, if desired/needed.  ;-)

I also drizzled a little coconut cream over top because I was feeling indulgent.

How do you decompress after the kids go to school?


  1. You are not alone. I too have three kids and look forward to Monday mornings (plus, the husband is out of the house too, which means I get a much neater house, all to myself).

  2. I am a mama of 3 too, and look forward to my Monday mornings! We have a standing coffee and park date with friends. Don't tell anyone, but we even bring homemade Bailey's for our coffees on occasion! I've been moving towards a Paleo diet and look forward to trying this mocha. I usually just add coconut oil and cacao powder to my coffee.
    On a side note, my son is starting kindergarten at a Waldorf school this fall and I would love to hear more about your experience with Waldorf. Thanks!

  3. I understand how you feel, I have 2 boys, 6 & 8 and I am exhausted by Sunday evening. This is my first year of having both boys at school all day and I am enjoying it, I spend my Monday mornings walking the dog or going to the gym. I find it revives me after a very busy weekend.
    Have a happy day and I'm off to try your drink without the espresso shot.

  4. I so feel you on this, Jora! As a fellow mama of three, the silence of an empty house on a Monday morning is one of my favorite things, too.

    And yes, I would love to hear more about your paleo experience when you have a chance. I remember you recently said on IG that you don't follow it in a superstrict manner--that is the only way I could do it, I think. I need some wiggle room. :) That said, this mocha recipe sounds absolutely delicious, so maybe it is possible for me to do it after all?!

  5. So true, and it was a weird transition going from working full-time to staying at home. I get a couple precious hours each weekday morning. I drink a cup of coffee, read the paper or my blog reader, and sigh a few deep breaths, enjoying the silence. It's a beautiful thing.

  6. jora! is coconut cream good? dumb question. i guess, what does it taste like? is it sweet? i read you can add it to your coffee instead of creamer... i'm a die-hard half-and-half girl... but i'm curious. do share!

  7. Holla ;) I know what a peaceful space carved out just for me is about even though I don't have 3 kidlets to run after. I'm glad you get some mellow time every once in awhile. Soak it up.

    When I'm back on honey, this is on my list. Pinning it right now.

  8. I'm totally making that tomorrow morning. (And yes, those exact times are hardest for me as well...)

  9. oh how I understand and NEED some momma time! Unfortunately--none happening over here-- even with only 2! (but they are wild boys and both young) (I think) there's hope for me!
    I make something similar-- but half pure coconut milk (I like the Aroy-D in paper pouches). I add a pinch of cinnamon and find that it mixes nicely if I make a paste of the cacao and honey/sweetener with a bit of milk first and then whisk it all together. Yum!

  10. Holla! ;). That sounds great. I made hot chocolate for the girls this weekend with almond & coconut milk & it was delicious!

  11. Sound good to me! Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, having a kid/kids can be very exhausting. I totally understand you.

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  13. it's funny, just said this same thing to a girlfriend. TGIM. How life changes. :)

  14. One of these days (hopefully soon) I will get to experience some reprieve! Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with Paleo.

  15. Yum! Looking forward to your paleo post!

  16. i can relate to so much of your post. oh yes - TGIM! oh yes - any number of children less than 3 is easier. and oh yes - the morning & 4-7pm time periods are THE hardest! ~megan

  17. I'd love to hear about your Paleo experiences as well. I'm doing some moderate Paleo in combination with Ayurvedic food. Doing the Ayurvedic though prevents one from heating honey (the philosophy being that it becomes more toxic than beneficial once heated past 60C). I'll have to try a different version of your Monday morning drink. A mom can always use a treat!


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