Puerto Vallarta.

March 2, 2013

Last week, the kids were on break from school.  We decided to take advantage and head to Puerto Vallarta.  We have a friend who has a fantastic place there, just south of the town.  We had been there a couple of times before, but for some reason, this trip was our favorite by far.

{she was so content down there}
{someone was building rock formations down at the beach....it reminds me of something my dad would do}
 The whole family was relaxed, in the moment, and having fun.  This is hard to do when you have 5 pretty strong personalities living under the same roof.  At least for our little group it can be.  But, as soon as we stepped into the house and got a glimpse of the view and heard the crashing of the waves, we were "in the zone."

{the view when we walked in}
If you have never been, Puerto Vallarta has a nice town, with cobblestone streets and lots and lots of really great restaurants.  From fine dining all the way to taco stands, the food is a real standout.  It goes without saying that the people are just lovely, but I have found that to be true for every place I have been in Mexico.

{margaritas just taste better in mexico}
{they fit right in}
{the kids were thrilled to drink sodas every time we went for tacos...also, juju ate four tacos in one sitting}
{tacos al pastor + grilled pineapple from pepe's tacos}
{b read to the kids a ton...note juju's hand stroking the side of his face as she always does when he reads to her}
{father-son sunset walk}
{plenty of naps were had by all....the roar of the waves put us right to sleep}
{cookies and cream for her, watermelon paleta for me}
{another rock formation}
{feeling "in the zone"}
{lots of digging for sand crabs and building sand castles...the usual}
{flying kites...juju was into it big time}
{serious shot}
{silly shot}
{and the ever-elusive attempt at a family shot}
{waiting to go to dinner}
{checking on puppy and her new leather purse}
{watching a movie being projected onto a wall across the street from the restaurant we ate at one night}
{i brought back some fun otomi pieces}

{my baby}


  1. the light... the sunset... the adornments... the love... {the FOOD}... beautiful. just beautiful.

  2. what great photos....looks like fun and relaxation was had by all!


  3. I am feeling "in the zone" just looking at the photos!
    Also, I could have sworn that Juju napping on the couch. Must stop that one from growing more.

  4. Jora, your photos are gorgeous! We spent our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, many years ago, and it sounds like it's still the same. So many great places to eat and just a simple town- easy to walk around and very beautiful. Glad you guys had such a relaxing trip.

  5. Just heavenly. So glad you guys got to go... magical memories. And seriously with E checking her puppy & purse? I die of cuteness. xo

  6. Love all the pictures. And that Juju.. such a precious moment with her dad.

  7. Wonderful photos! What kind of camera/lens do you shoot with?

  8. I can't wait for other dispatches from you. It's going to be wild.

    Someday Josh and I will tag along ;)

  9. Gorgeous. We went to PV for our honeymoon 7.5 years ago. Thanks for the reminders :)

  10. Great photos - so glad you guys had a good time. Hopefully we'll join you someday! xo

  11. you just killed me with these photos. dead.

  12. catching up on your blog. these pictures are too much. what a beautiful family you have.

  13. I haven't been to Mexico in such a long time. Wish I could remedy that stat!

  14. these are beautiful pictures! makes me want to fly down to vallarta right this second.


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