I Can't Get Enough...

June 17, 2010

...of the following:

1. This rosé wine. (Thanks to Alice for reminding me just how perfect it is.) I have my official drink of Summer 2010 and I am very happy about it. Do you have yours?

2. Seu Jorge. Seriously obsessed with this man since James turned me on to him. (Thanks Robo!) Have I mentioned how much I love a good cover? (This is what David Bowie had to say: "Had Seo Jorge not recorded my songs acoustically in Portuguese I would never had heard this new level of beauty which he has imbued them with.")

3. My new wood beads. Aren't they pretty and perfect?
4. This margarita recipe by Rick Bayless. The cucumber makes it extra special perfect. Truly. Like I said on Facebook awhile back, Mr. Bayless' voice could make me do just...about... anything.

5. Straightening some *stuff* up in my life. Very liberating.

6. This photo. For some reason I keep staring at it. (I lost the link, so if it's yours, please claim! Maybe Happenstance??) Isn't it sweet?


  1. I love that Rosé and making simple jewelry like that lovely necklace... here in Brazil I've seen some of the biggest bead shops, they have some gorgeous Açai beads... let me know if you'd like some and I can mail you a nice little kit ;)

  2. What good links. And good for you on the *stuff*. I recently had a breakthrough on an ongoing issue, and everything seems differnt and better now. It IS liberating.


  3. Love this list, Jora. The photo is from Jak and Jil Blog.

  4. love this list!
    any chance you have a photo of you with those beads on? i love them but it's hard to tell what they'd look like?
    and, good for you on the stuff breakthrough. I am working on some stuff here, too, and it does feel liberating! yay you!

  5. So thrilled that you like the necklace! Thanks so much for posting.

  6. Great summertime list - That margarita is calling my name, I love the idea of pureeing the cucumber in there!

  7. Thank you for the heads up on the wine and the margarita. I just saved them both.

    ...Can you tell it's been a tough week?? :)

  8. oh! Great picks...that necklace is seriously fantastic!! I love that pic...I posted it too and it's from Jak & Jil


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