January 21, 2010

C-Man has been having growing pains at night lately. Remember those? Poor baby.

C-Man: Mama, my leg is hurting again!

Me: Baby, it's just those darn growing pains again.

C-Man: But could I sit on your lap? My leg doesn't hurt when you hold me.



  1. oh those darn growing pains. My oldest has been getting them. He woke me up at 5 this morning so I could rub the hurt away.

  2. Parker woke last night with them. "Make them gone, Mama." Poor dears.

  3. Em has been getting them for quite some time. I had horrible pains too. Yuck. We have one of those buckwheat/lavender neck wraps from the Body Shop which you heat up in the microwave. It works like a charm when wrapped around their little legs and unlike a heating pad, no danger with being plugged in. Poor, poor babies! Hang in there C-man!

  4. My son has had growing pains for a few years and we use MAG PHOS a homeopathic remedy. Seems to work and it can't hurt them. Good-luck!\

    Jillian - Canada

  5. Geez. Thanks for the wake-up call Jora/everyone. I forgot about growing pains, and probably would have rushed my daughter to some orthopaedic specialist if she started having these kinds of complaints were it not for this post. Hope your kids feel better soon!


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