A Sonoma Getaway.

May 30, 2012

Weekend before last, B and I snuck away for the night to Sonoma.  We left early on Saturday morning and came home Sunday night.  It is really amazing what you can get out of a trip as short as that.  We came back feeling both energized and relaxed, and eager to see the kids (a win all the way around).

The main reason for our trip up there was to visit with our dear friend Chris who runs a winery in Sonoma.  (We were married there almost eight years ago!)  The winery was having a dinner that Saturday night and we were invited.  Pretty much a no-brainer.
{st. francis winery...that bell rang after our ceremony!}
We hung out in Healdsburg during the day on Saturday, which is our latest "We could live here, we should check out the real estate listings" kind of place for us.  Little downtown (both quaint and sophisticated), beautiful farms and rolling hills, wine everywhere, a fantastic Waldorf School in the area, an hour and a half to SF.  Perfection, am I right?

It didn't hurt that the weather that weekend could not have been more picture-perfect.  Low 80s and not a cloud in sight.
{us :-) }

{the view from our table at dinner....out to the very spot we were married!}
The dinner that night at St. Francis had a "Luxury Bacon" themed menu.  I don't know about you, but I love all things pork and cured and luxury, so I wasn't the least bit skeptical.  

{grilled pancetta-wrapped bacon with basil cream was my favorite dish of the evening}
On Sunday, we were back to Healdsburg to fantasize about life there, as well as to do some obligatory wine tasting.  ;-)
{chris at brunch in healdsburg.....hi chris!  we miss you!}
{wine tasting at j vineyards}
Can't wait to go back.....


  1. looks like a lovely getaway!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! Wow.


  3. Heavenly. You have inspired me to try the 36 hour getaway. You guys are getting good at it!!

  4. you guys are so cute!!!

    yes, sonoma, napa, healdsburg (...even petaluma- just to get us in the wine country vicinity!! ;))-- they are ALL "We could live here" kind of places for us. each year, it gets harder to justify why we don't live there, and this year we're renting a house (instead of our usual camping trip) in sonoma, and I cannot wait :).

  5. We've never gone away for a weekend, which makes me really sad! I'd love to go visit Chris, especially with a menu like that! Yum.

  6. I say DO it :) Healdsburg really is so great. I've been seriously fantasizing about moving out to the country... maybe someday we could be neighbors!

  7. Love Sonoma...and when I was there last month we passed St. Francis, but didn't stop. Now I am kicking myself!

  8. I'd say Sonoma quite suits the both of you! :-)

    I live in LA, but my heart belongs to Sonoma. My fiance is from Napa and has family both there and in Sonoma County (Petaluma, specifically, which is a wonderful, artistic community), so thankfully I have a reason to visit the area often.

  9. Blaze the path and we won't be far behind. Healdsburg is on my short list for sure.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Glad you had a good trip, but no, you are not allowed to move!! ;)

  12. Yes, Healdsburg is totally on our someday list as well (just wish housing was more affordable...till then it will remain our getaway destination)! Glad you had a nice little escape Jora.


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