Bearing Witness to Our Children.

February 27, 2012

Do you know Katrina Kenison?  I do not have her book The Gift of an Ordinary Day, but I do love her blog.  It seems that each time she has a new entry, I bookmark it, email it to a bunch of people (who knows if anyone even reads it!), and generally can't get it out of my head for a few days.  Which sort of tells me I would like her book and should order it already?

This from her latest blog post:

And what is our real job as parents, if not first to nurture the beings entrusted to our care, to have faith in their inchoate processes of growing and becoming, and then to show up, again and again, for as long as we are able, to bear grateful witness to their unfolding destinies?

So good, am I right?

photos by jaime lackey


  1. perfection in a picture <3

  2. Yay! a Smithie! (sorry i get all excited when i see smithies doing good in the is about time i find my own niche)

  3. Yes! Thank you for the introduction to her blog. Parenting can be such a hard job (Not necessarily because of the kids' behavior, but because I think we put so many value judgements into parenting...our own and other people' can be exhausting to one's psyche! Well, at least mine... ;) ). It sounds like a great read. I love it when something gets stuck in my head for days...definitely the sign of good stuff!

  4. so so good. added her book to my amazon wish list and her blog to my google reader. thanks so much for sharing. so good for me to read and be encouraged as a new mama (of a sweet 14mo old boy ;))

  5. more than good Jora. thanks for introducing her to me. off to see if I can get the book on nook :)

  6. Hi Jora! It's Christine, Tenzin's mama. I am finally posting a comment. Anyhoo, my sister-n-law recommended her book to me a couple of months ago so I looked her up and found this video of her reading the intro to The Gift of an Ordinary Day while photos of her boys are displayed.

    You'll need tissue when watching it.

    Your post was a reminder for me to get a copy. Thanks!

    See you on Friday at Morning Glory.

    Christine :)

  7. "bear witness"

    I love that phrase and I'm going to keep that in mind. Everyone needs to have someone who does that for them.

  8. That pic, is that you and ju-ju

  9. this just made me well up... so beautiful. being a parent is such an incredible blessing. I am so grateful. thank you for sharing this little awesome nugget.


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