meal planning monday.

November 7, 2011

{that's a fuyu right in front and a hachiya on top}
OK, did my grocery shopping, took inventory of the fridge and I'm ready to plan some meals.  Also, we are in full swing with persimmons right now....Fuyus from our tree and Hachiyas from the neighbors.  I think they are my favorite fruit ever!


Roast Chicken 
Cornbread Stuffing
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Pork Chile Verde (using leftover pork roast)
Green Salad (with sliced persimmons)

Turkish Lemon Egg Soup (I add spinach and will use chicken stock made from the roast chicken)
Fresh Bread

Spicy Squash Salad with Lentils and Goat Cheese


Honeycrisp Apples with Aged Gouda (kudos to my friend Jehanne for hooking me on this delicious cheese!)
Persimmon Pomegranate Salad
These super yummy Persimmon Bars


  1. mmmm cornbread stuffing! do you have a recipe for that??

  2. Jora, I am so jealous that you have TWO kinds of persimmons just outside your door! I ate them everyday when I was in New Zealand years ago and fell in love, but haven't been able to get them here on the East Coast. We now have a new Whole Foods in town (Annapolis, MD), but even they carry them for only a very limited time, if at all. Too bad. Drooling over your recipes! Thanks for reminding me of them (now I'm both reminiscing and daydreaming!). :) Enjoy!

  3. @Bridget....I am planning on trying the mix from Trader Joe's!

  4. Sounds perfect! I am glad to find someone else who loves to meal plan. I know it's technically a chore, but I find it a creative outlet. LOL!

  5. I love that Persimmon salad. I forgot to raid your trees, btw!! PS. I was SO happy to see Honeycrisp back in the stores last week. I've never tried them with aged Gouda though...

  6. How do you make your chicken stock? I just picked up a pastured chicken today and am planning on roasting it a la Gwyneth (the recipe is on GOOP somewhere). I really want to make stock from the carcass but I'm intimidated!

    Also, I just realized I've never had a persimmon, ever. Whoa.

  7. jessica....stock is really, really easy. it just takes some time (very little effort though). it's my favorite part of roasting a chicken. plus you get so much more out of it this way.....throw the carcass in your largest pot with an onion cut in half, a carrot, a celery stalk, a couple peppercorns, some parsley if you have it. Cover with water (by at least a couple of inches). bring slowly to a boil and skim the scum that rises to the surface. then put on the tiniest simmer for about 3 hours (or more). key is slow, slow slimmer so it doesn't get cloudy. strain and add salt. so healthy (all the good stuff from the bones!) and really delicious.

  8. beautiful persimmons in a basket! I want some. I love seeing your meal plan. I am all about the chicken stock as well.

  9. Love persimmons;) Let us know how the mix from TJ's turns out- I have always wanted to try it..

  10. oh my goodness, this all sounds so good! Your family is lucky to have you cook such yummy dinners for them :)


  11. Those persimmons are gorgeous!! I need help though - how do you structure your day so you actually get time to make all these yummy meals ;) I'm totally hopeless at it...


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