She's on the Mend.

February 18, 2010

My kids have certainly had their fair share of coughs, colds, runny noses, etc., etc., etc. Somehow, however, we have had almost no fevers. I compulsively take their temperature when they start getting sick, but nada. Yesterday afternoon however, Juju -- sweet, sweet dear -- was out of it. She was completely limp in my arms and didn't want to interact. Eyes glazed over, flushed cheeks. Sure enough, the thermometer read 102.4. I panicked. What to do? Call the doctor? Alert the swine flu authorities? Oh yeah, Motrin. That's why we keep that bottle of purple goo locked away in the medicine cabinet. I gave her a spoonful and sure enough, 20 minutes later she was running and playing and stealing toys from her brother. Always a sign she's feeling better.

A few minutes after that C-Man and I had her saying "Dada home, woohoo!" after we told her Daddy was on his way home. (This is something she started saying a month or two ago when B would come home and she knows we think it is the *cutest*thing*ever* so she'll bust it out for entertainment's sake every once in awhile.)

Dada Home -- Woohoo! from domestic reflections on Vimeo.


  1. precious video!! love sweet little captured voices :)

  2. Feel better, Juju. Whoo hoo!


  3. I love how C-Man comes in there at the end. They are so sweet.

  4. maia had a fever over 103 for 4 days - ended up at urgent care on valentines day. it is going around.

  5. What a gorgeous moment you have recorded. I'm sure will giggle with delight when she's a little bit older and you show her this video. I hope she feels better really soon. My little boy J is also sick, has spent the last 2 nights in our bed, so I understand what you are going through.


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