Feeling Grateful.

December 14, 2011

{photo credit unknown....anyone?}
The whole gratitude thing sometimes comes easily to me and other times not so much.  I never feel very sorry for myself, but it is easy to take things for granted from time to time.  Right now, a feeling of thankfulness and being blessed is overwhelming me....I'll take it!

(In no particular order.)

~ My three kids are at an age (and size) that can still fit on my lap.  And they all crawl on to it every single day.  It is one of the best mom feelings ever.

~ I am in a position to choose to stay at home with my kids.  When things seem crazy with them, I try to remind myself that I am choosing to be here.

~ Incredible babysitters.  We have two sitters right now who blow me away with their love, patience, creativity and care for our children.  After Sasha left, I was convinced no one could measure up.  And although we still miss "Fa-Fa" greatly (sniff sniff!), and no one could replace her, I know our kids could not be taken care of by better people.

~ Green juice.  B and I have been juicing again.  I feel so energized when I drink one of his concoctions in the morning.

~ The heated seats in my car.  I never had them before, but boy are they the best.  You can get warm and toasty without that hot, dry air blowing in your face.

~ My Heath dishes!!  B's anniversary gift to me a few months ago was a set of Heath dishes.  We didn't register for any when we got married, so that's how we justified it.  Plus, they are pure awesomeness and I will never need dishes again!  They were finally delivered a week or so ago and yesterday I washed and stacked them in my kitchen cabinets.  Aren't they pretty?

~ My tribe.  It sounds cliché, but I have an incredible group of girlfriends.  Its true that you need a village and I have one.

~ Sunrises.  Although I have been known to complain a bit (a-hem) about my children's early-rising tendencies, I get to see the most amazing sunrises over the mountains.  I have always loved sunrises more than sunsets for some reason, and at this point in my life, I get to experience them on an almost daily basis.

~ My kids love school.  We don't have to convince them to go, and they don't want to leave when we come to pick them up.  I know they are being taken care of by some of the most skilled and caring people on the planet.

~ My baby (OK, toddler) spontaneously says "please," "thank you," "you're welcome," "amen" (at the end of our blessing before dinner), "be excused?" (after dinner), and "I love you so much, mama" (when taking a rest from nursing).  I swear, I still have to remind my older two kids about manners, but this one, she's got it.

And you?  What are you feeling grateful for?


  1. You have a very nice life indeed. I too am blessed and lucky in innumerable ways, with my own snuggly kiddos definitely topping the list.


  2. The dishes are gorgeous!! I can't wait to eat off of them. :)

  3. As always, so well said! I also love a heated seat.

  4. i have been feeling so full too. i feel completely supported by life right now and it makes me have a sense of gratitude that is overwhelming at times.

    i love those dishes too. just what i would have chosen. food is going to look beautiful on those plates.

  5. At the risk of being over the top corny, I hope it brings you joy that others pop over to your site and get a smile from your posts. :-)

  6. i love this post! and i am just a wee bit jealous of the heath :) sooo yummy. i am feeling super grateful for the kiddos too. i love that they fight over me. "MY mama!" "No MY Mama!" as they fight over who gets my lap. is it wrong that i enjoy it?

  7. Tantas veces asumimos que todo debe ser asi ( taking things for granted) ... Y nos olvidamos de agradecer por lo que tenemos, una familia, hijos, salud etc !
    Hace une tiempo me propuse disfrutar mas de la vida y agradecer a Dios por las cosas hermosas que me regalo.

    Esta navidad agradezcamos y fijemonos en lo bueno de la vida.

    Felices fiestas para vos y tu familia.

  8. Lovely post. I am feeling grateful to have so much paid vacation time. I know it is such a luxury. I enjoy every second. And lip gloss. I am really grateful for lip gloss. :)
    P.S. I am in love with the dishes.

  9. Thank you for reminding me of how great juicing the greens are.... it is a daily habit I have fallen out of and I quite fancy falling back into.

  10. One of my goals in life is to have a car with those heated seats! I love them...A warm butt is nice, even in southern California.
    I am also grateful to be home with my boys. (thanks for the reminder!) I have to constantly remind myself that I have chosen this in spite of feeling like I'm going to pull my hair out all week and forcing myself to live on a crazy budget.
    I chose this, because I wanted it.
    And hearing a spontaneous "I love you, mama" is something that brings tears to my eyes every time.
    I am also grateful for reading blogs like this--it helps me feel connected and reassured. thank you.

  11. Geez, I don't mean to be so covetous on such a nice post about being thankful BUT... i want that cabinet full of dishes :)
    I am thankful for our warm and cozy house. Our huge, slobbery dog. My quirky family who loves me just as is. And mostly, the love of my life, who makes everyday feel like Christmas. Oh, and all the lovely blogosphere ladies like you who inspire me! Thanks for this post Jora, and you certainly deserve all your blessings. XO

  12. Great reminder during this busy season.

    I am grateful for ...

    My recent purchase of Heath dishes and bowls. My husband and I took a tour of the Heath factory in Sausalito this Fall and then bought some wonderful treasures from their store. We enjoy the dishes every day.

    Open Library - I recently discovered this and love to read books for free right on my browser!

    Living in a moderate climate where I can exercise outside every day. I really don't enjoy cold weather.

    My children are growing up and I love watching them come into themselves.

    Living near the ocean.


    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy stopping by.

  13. After touring the Heath Factory last year, I am so impressed with the quality and time it goes into making each of their pieces. What an amazing collection to have! (And of course, all of the other great things you mentioned, too.)


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