things that make me happy.

November 7, 2011

For awhile now, I've been wanting to come come up with a list of things that make me happy.  Not in some self-indulgent, look-at-all-the-cool-things-I-like kind of way, but one that I could go to when I'm feeling a little down or depleted or not grounded.  Too often, I feel I click the "Buy Now" button or reach for a cookie in those moments, instead of doing something to cause a more meaningful shift.

I really didn't intend to share it here at all as it's sort of a personal thing, but the idea (not mine) seemed like such a good one, I decided to post it.  (I was inspired by this list.)  Perhaps you will create your own.  And maybe share it on your blog (or here)?

Turn on music
Bake something and deliver it to a friend or neighbor
Go outside and check on the garden
Paint or draw with the kids
Do a few sun salutations
Read something inspiring (I just found this blog and love it)
Make a to-do list
Clean off my desk
Clean out my closet
Take a hot bath
Get under a blanket with the kids and read to them
Call a friend I haven't talked to in awhile
Write a thank you/thinking of you note to someone
Talk to my dad
Laugh (I have two friends in particular who can make me laugh within the first 3 seconds we start talking)
Get a pedicure
Check something off my to-do list that has been nagging me
Drink tea (I am especially fond of PG Tips with a splash of half and half and a little sugar)
Go to a bookstore
Go to a coffeeshop by myself and order a fancy coffee drink

**I  plan to add to this list as I think of things (or when you give me good ideas), so check back!

I even started a pinterest board of photos of things that make me happy!  OK, now it's your turn.  :-)

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  1. What a nice post! Thanks for sharing! I just might have to make a list of my own..

  2. i literally just finished eating a cookie, ha! is it excused because i baked it this morning with my daughter? this is just what i needed to read! i am motivated to write a list of my own, but if i don't get to it i can just use yours..........we find happiness in the same places it seems. thanks!

  3. i'm going to have to think about this one. we share some of our happy things. great post.

  4. um, another post that I needed to read today. thank you, thank you. I think I need to put together my own list so that I can simply remember... b/c cleaning my closet, drinking tea, taking a bath always works for me (too). so simple, but so easy to forget.

  5. This is a great idea...I need to make lists for everything and why not do it for things that make me happy. I have a feeling if I write it down, I'll also be more likely to do it soon! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. great list! i'm with you on going to the bookstore and going to a coffeeshop and drinking an overpriced coffee :) funny enough, i just started a board on pinterest called 'happy stuff'. thanks for the inspiration, maybe this will be my next blog post!

  7. I needed to read this today too. thanks! I will make my own list and post it. What a good idea... Sometimes I'm amazed at how just walking outside and sitting under the oak trees can lift my spirits. It's so easy...but I just forget to do it. What is PG tips tea?

  8. i had an old BF who was huge on making a list of 20 things that make you happy for the very same reasons. i always thought it was a great idea (even though the dude was an annoying actor).

  9. I just love this. I've been mentally keeping such a list for a while now, and you've inspired me to write it down. And of course, many of your things are exactly what I would list too. Which is why I love your blog. But of course.

  10. swimming! preferably in the sun. I need to come up with a list as well, such a great idea. i'll post about it later this week...

  11. So many good ones! One of my happy things is an impromptu day date with my husband...just driving around, talking, drinking coffee and listening to music. Pure joy!

  12. Very nice. That's a good list. My little one says "I'm so happy!" whenever she is really enjoying something. The way she says it makes me happy too.


  13. Great list!!! I would add dance in any form (alone or with kids) always gets me out of my funk;)

  14. nice reminder to take some time to enjoy the small pleasures in the midst of this chaotic time of year! For me, it would be sitting down with a new book while the kids play nicely together and a good record is playing :)

  15. I made a similar list and blogged about it a couple months ago. I call it my "In case of emergency" list. Sort of a way to remind myself of the little things that will help lift me out of a funk. So important because it's just too darn easy to turn to sugar and retail therapy in those low moments.

  16. what a swell idea- i think I might blog my own :) usually when the going gets tough, I like to take a walk around the neighborhood and think of all the things i'm thankful for. By the time I get back to my house, my worries seem so small compared to all the good in my life :)


  17. listening to tuck and patti... loud. the simplicity and beauty of making labneh. petting an animal. watching the birds splash in our little fountain. harvesting home grown veggies. writing random haiku, for fun.

  18. Great list. And I love the photos that go with the post. Very serene and happy.


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